The Circle of Fiction

I’m picky about the fiction I read. I open myself and let the stories march straight in. The characters move into my heart and I feel pain when they make bad decision. I feel anguish when life crushes them. I live those stories through them and obviously, that’s the point.

The problem is that I carry those emotions into my life. I still feel unsettled when I’m cooking dinner because Catherine and Heathcliff are tearing each other’s worlds apart. Or- my word- how will Harry live feeling responsible for Cedric Diggory’s death? Really, there are enough situations in my life and the lives of people I love that I don’t have a ton of emotions to throw away on “fake people.”

I’ve always been intrigued at the idea of writing fiction. I just finished reading Stephen King’s On Writing and it had a writing exercise in it. I was reading after the boys went to bed one night and got drawn into the prompt so I closed the book, opened my computer, and started typing. Over 1,000 words later, I felt satisfied with my ending to the story. Of course, it ended with blood pooling under the refrigerator but it was a Stephen King writing exercise.

About International Women’s Day

Yesterday, when I saw on Instagram that it was International Women’s Day, I thought about what that means to me for a while.

I grew up very conservative. I knew that if I went to Facebook I would see posts from people I knew about how women didn’t need a day (or a protest or a march or a movement); they needed to get to work or they needed to forget about themselves and look at Jesus or they needed to stop trying to be men. There are still people who don’t realize that women need a day.

Not because women are better than men. Not because women are the point because really, as trite as it sounds, Jesus is. Not because motherhood isn’t valuable or I don’t believe in traditional marriage or I want to argue about the wage gap.

Women need a day. Women need a day because there are stories like this and this and this. (And that last line of that last article? “I don’t have help from anyone, but my children have dreams and I want to make them real.” makes me cry out ‘Why am I wasting time on dumb stuff?’) Y’all, I skipped the graphic stories. Disappear into the internet on this topic for a while.

Getting A Vision

My office belongings are currently in our front hallway. There are stacks of books and Justin’s bag of basketballs. There’s a rolled-up rug draped on top of the speaker, artwork leaning against the wall and shelves stacked in the corner. My notebooks and mugs of pens and books that I keep close lay neatly in the out-grown cosleeper.

We’ve moved the three older boys into their new room. Their new curtains will be here Thursday and we’ll hang them. I’m slowing pulling out the last of the things that won’t be staying in their new room. I’ve cleared a corner in the new office to assemble the crib one last time. I’ve got the measurements for the standing desk to go in the opposite corner.

I have a vision for both of these rooms. I want spaces that allow our family to flourish and thrive in our home. A space for the boys to grow. A space for Luke to sleep comfortably, undisturbed. A space for me to work in a somewhat organized fashion. (I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed my desk the past few weeks.)

Episode 92: How Transformation Happens

It’s Lisa this week with a solo episode. She discusses her tendency on Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies. (Find yours here!) She’s a questioner. She likes to ask questions and if there’s a good reason, she’ll be on board with almost anything.

This episode breaks down the intersection of why we should read our Bibles and how we are transformed to be more like Jesus. She’s going to walk you through something she’s been learning in her personal Bible study; the main verse is 2 Corinthians 3:18.

Here’s the song from her childhood that she promised you as well. 

Going into Battle: Monday is a Good Day

There are certain things about life I don’t particularly enjoy. Oh, you want a list? Ok. Babies not sleeping through the night. Having the contents of an entire room in the hallway. A pile of laundry in the boys’ room waiting to be folded. Crumbs under the table. Runny noses.

Guess what? Every single one of those is a current reality in our house. We’ve been sick. We’re swapping rooms (and it will be grand when it’s done). There are always crumbs underfoot and piles of laundry waiting.

Those things cannot be the deciding factors in whether or not I have a good day. If those things decide, my whole life will consist of bad days. I can’t get rid of any of those things, at least not permanently. Instead I have to decide what makes a good day.

Episode 91: You Are a Leader

For this podcast episode we are defining leadership as “a conscious stewardship of influence.” (This is not a discussion about women in leadership positions in church.) We all know men and women who are have led others in discipleship and how they have lived without having a position or a platform or a title. How do we cultivate this in our own lives?

Leadership looks like coming in and serving the people around you. How do we use our influence in our marriages, with our children, with our social media, and in our friendships?