A Womanhood Manifesto

We’ve lost womanhood today. We’ve fallen to the extreme of feminism which has destroyed femininity or we’ve become the china teacup, a delicate but often hateful creature which can’t be burdened with life or work. Obsessed only with shopping and manicures or shouting at men for holding the door open we’ve left what has made us unique and beautiful and strong.
But there’s a movement rising. I’ve seen them, these women who believe God made them women on purpose for a purpose. These women who live dedicated to something bigger than themselves. I’ve found them on Instagram. They listen to our podcast. I know these women in real life.
These women refuse to shrink from the work God has put before them. They have eternity stamped on their eyeballs as Jonathan Edwards said and see through their routines to the rewards. Whether they are faced with dishes and diapers or offices and computers or caring for aging parents and creating into the night they do so while pursuing excellence and graciousness.
They are women of strength, women of compassion. They are the women I want to be like. Hence my womanhood manifesto. Everything that I write focuses on my desire to be this type of woman in my marriage, as a mother, as a maker. I want this be this type of woman when I vote and when I go to conferences and when I nurture our home life.
Elisabeth Elliot quote
I desire:
-To have a heart for my Savior. A heart that rises up in the morning and focuses on God and who he is and what He wants for me and from me.
-To embrace my femininity with high heels and kindness if we are going out and bare feet and a smile if we are staying in.
-To love my husband and be on his side. To grasp his vision for family and life and turn it into something beautiful and breathtaking.
-To see my children and reach them where they are and not where I want them to be.
-To pursue a vibrant version of me- one immersed in the gifts and callings of this season of life and the work it entails.
-To love my Savior out of response for all He has done for me and let that love pour out into everything I do.
-To make time for people because I am focused on others and not myself; to step out of my comfort zone and act on what they need.
-To pursue my work with excellence and passion; learning new skills and using them to benefit others.
-To be different in appearance, in heart, in word, in action from a woman who does not know Christ.

The fact that I’m a woman doesn’t make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I’m a Christian does make me a different kind of woman.  Elisabeth Elliot


  1. Love that quote from Elisabeth Elliot. 🙂 Happy New Year, Lisa!

  2. Happy New Year to you as well!

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