Episode 20: Meal Planning + Favorite Recipes

This week Phylicia and I are talking about food on the podcast. Cooking is a life skill because you has to eat but it’s not something that necessarily comes easily. Learning 8-10 basic meals can keep your family well fed. Then as your interest grows you can start to get creative with your cooking.

Meal-Planning: podcast image

I write down a list of 17-20 meals every two weeks and shop for them. Then I pick whatever meals fits our schedule and my mood for the day. Phylicia assigns days to her meals (as I have done before) but will switch it if she wants to. There are many ways to meal plan. Google it for ideas.

Lisa’s Favorite Recipes:

  1. Raspberry Bars
  2. Pretzel Bread
  3. Chicken-Fried Steak
  4. Whole Chicken

Phylicia’s Favorite Recipes:

  1. Cheeseburger Stew
  2. Fat Stripping Frappa
  3. Banana Flax Lactation Muffins
  4. Black Bean Brownies

We also discuss cooking for different seasons of life and adapting meal planning for special diets.