Episode 44: How to Make Space for a Side Hustle

Phylicia and I are both big believers in what’s now known as the “side hustle.” Phy’s was a source of fulfillment while she worked an unfulfilling job and I’ve blogged since my oldest son was almost one. But side hustles can be a lot of different things and sometimes you can convince yourself you don’t have time for one. (Hint: you probably do.)

  1. What is a side hustle?
    • product of passion and producer of purpose
  2. Prioritizing a side hustle
    • comes after our relationship with God, marriage, and children
    • evaluate schedule and find a time
  3. Practical tips for a side hustle
    • don’t do anything while kids are sleeping that you can do while they are awake
    • have a plan for your work time
    • don’t waste time
    • use your freedom- change your side hustle when you need to
    • get outside your box- don’t be afraid to start something new

Grow as a person and you’ll be a better wife, mom, sister, daughter, and employee.


  1. I love the idea of interviewing “real” moms! Sounds like a great plan!

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