Bathroom Renovation: Thoughts and Inspiration

I have a friend who is spectacular at interior design. And no, “spectacular” isn’t an exaggeration- her house looks like it belongs in an magazine. The extent of the decorating that I’ve done recently has been hanging some pictures and mirrors to make a gallery wall in the dining room.

There are generally two barriers to decorating or renovations: ideas or money. I have no shortage of ideas. But we keep our decorating budget small because, well, life. There’s nothing wrong with a good dose of contentment even with ideas. I have a long mental lists of projects and a vision for where I want it to go but I love our house as it is. I don’t apologize when people come over because I see all the things that aren’t done. I don’t invite people over to impress them.

Home matters. Not for a showpiece, although I love for things to be beautiful. Home matters because of the people. Home matters for the people who live here and that’s why we aim for a thriving home environment regardless of what projects I haven’t finished.

Home matters for our guests. The people we have over aren’t interested in inspecting our home. They want to be welcomed and loved. You can make others feel like part of the family without spending a lot of money. That comes from the heart, not your surroundings.

Home is a lot more than beadboard, colorful canvases, and coordinating prints. You have to start there first or nothing will be enough.

Having said that, I’m gathering inspiration for redoing our small bathroom. The bathroom is pink. The bathroom is boring. Did I mention my bathrooms are pink?

Pink’s not really my color.

The timeline for this project isn’t immediate but if I pull together ideas I can buy things as I find them.

Where do you go for inspiration and idea collecting? Pinterest, of course. I should point out that Justin already said no to wallpapering the ceiling of the back bathroom (no worries, it doesn’t have a shower) so I did throw that idea out. After all, he lives here too.

Current aims:

  • neutral paint
  • new vanity and mirror
  • small chandelier over sink
  • small storage options

We also need to replace the flooring throughout the entire kitchen/entry area so I’ll  do the bathroom in the same thing.

pinboard 1

Don’t those feel very spa-like?

pinboard 2


There’s what I have so far. Have any tips for redoing a small bathroom? I’m not tackling the big one (besides flooring) yet. That will be a different project.

Also, you can totally follow me on Pinterest. I don’t do a lot but I have lots of resources for food and quotes. Can’t we all use a good quote? (Seriously, I love quotes.)

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