Finding Internet Inspiration

The internet gets a really bad rap sometimes. We spend too much time on social media. We say hateful things from the anonymity of a computer screen. We compulsively check our email and our blog stats and new Twitter follows. And yeah- that stuff can totally be true.
But the internet is a tool and we can use it really well.  Today I wanted to share some of my favorite people to follow on the internet and what I love about them.

Erin Loechner– I heard Erin Loechner speak last fall at influence Conference. I even had my picture made with her and because she’s cute and petite I look like a strange cross between an elephant and a giraffe in the picture. (Note to self: don’t take standing picture with cute, petite women.) I follow Erin mainly because her writing is superb. Her sponsored posts are carefully crafted stories of meaning instead of the “I went on a picnic. We ate this string cheese. It was good.” Her posts are little snapshots of her life and what she’s learning that force you to reevaluate the way you look at things. And shouldn’t that be what reading does? Check out these two to start off: Bring the Crowbar and An Ill-Fitting Dress.
 new internet inspiration
Elise Blaha Cripe– I found Elise online several years ago and I’ve only become a bigger fan as time goes by. She’s a mama to two tiny girls who juggles her business, personal growth and making, and encouraging the rest of us to be our best selves. I use her Get to Work Book and I love it. I pre-ordered her 100 Days of Pep Talks and her podcast is one that I always recommend. She doesn’t blog regularly anymore but her archives are full of great posts on goal setting and seven ways to photograph children.
Ruth Simons– I also heard Ruth speak at Influence Conference last year. I had my picture made with her too but the person that was behind me in line is apparently the one person under 50 who is incapable of taking a non-blurry iPhone photo so it’s buried in the archives. (Yes, I apparently still hold some resentment over that.) Ruth has six boys (#boymomhero) and runs a creative business. Her Instagram is full of Godly encouragement as a mama, wife, and Christian.  She is currently writing a book which I can’t wait to read; you can find her writing occasionally on her blog now. Also: she has an AirBnB which seems like a much simpler idea than opening my bed and breakfast one day.
In other words when I grow up I want to be a mix of these three women. Or maybe I’ll just be Lisa who learns from the talented women that use their internet space to encourage and bless others.
Check out my internet people. Find your own. Use your time online to inspire and encourage yourself and others. And definitely avoid political news on Twitter, ok?
Enjoy your weekend!