5 Things I’d Tell You: Volume 2, Fall Edition

I’ve never really enjoyed fall (because winter is coming quickly at that point) but this year I’m seeing a lot of shifting in myself that relates to the changing in the weather and schedules. It’s interesting to watch it develop and try to use some of that inspiration here in our home.

1. Fall is for food. I love to cook but fall seems to be the most perfect season for cooking because what’s better than soup or homemade bread when it’s getting crisp outside and the sun is setting a little earlier? I’m playing music and (attempting to) enjoy the work of cooking even during everything else going on. (Go check out Edie’s post and while you are there sign up to get her hospitality ebook. It’s amazing!)

2. Fall is for home. We moved the boys into the same room and we’re taking over the bedroom that has been the nursery since we moved here. We’ve got it painted and curtains are on the way and I find myself imaging how the room is going to come together once the new carpet is in. That’s when I’m not daydreaming about the plans for our current bedroom which is going to become the playroom/office. The cooling weather makes me want to nest around and make our home comfy and just right for our family.


3. Fall is for volleyball. I’ve mentioned volleyball in a few posts lately but here’s the official announcement: I’m coaching a jv team for our local homeschool athletic group. Justin coaches the boy’s varsity team for the same group and it’s been a fairly simple (and welcome!) transition for our family. The boys go with me to practice and they love having a gym to run around in for a few hours a week. Parents and players both have been amazing about playing with them and helping me out. I love volleyball and I’m so glad it’s back in my life on a regular basis.

4. Fall is for fashion. Is there a season more fun to dress than fall? Boots, scarves, sweaters. Braids, big earrings, tights. It’s the perfect season to be cozy and cute even when your posse is three little boys who wear batman and minion shoes.

5. Fall is for Facebook. I’ve been trying to step up my Facebook game for you. I asked in an Instagram story what you wanted to see and you answered. So we’re swapping things up over there (aka, actually posting) and I’m sharing my favorite recipes and songs and things I’m reading on the internet as well as new blog posts and podcast episodes. If you’ve got something you’d like to see there, leave a comment or post it on the page.

I’ve been listening to more music and fewer podcasts, reading a few extra pages and deleting social media apps, investing in what’s here in front of me. What’s inspiring you this fall?