There’s Time

It was almost one when we fell asleep that night. We’ve drifted back into that bad habit and it’s shown up all week. So when my alarm went off the next morning I laid back down for a few minutes, then let the boys snuggle in bed with me watching Donald Duck while I read my Bible and drank coffee. It’s a surprisingly peaceful start to the day for this mama who doesn’t really enjoy mornings.

We moved on to a volleyball practice hairdo, games in the hallway, pancakes and Awana review, vacuuming, laundry sorting, and morning kindergarten work. We finally hit the yard to play for a while before we made lunch and the boys romped with sticks, observing all best practices for safety of course. After I finished helping them up the ladder and pushing them on swings, I sat swinging softly, watching them and talking to God about a problem.


I get overwhelmed easily. I see the dust, the laundry that’s always there, the reading that isn’t happening yet, and I feel as if I can’t do it. I’ll never get caught up; nothing will ever be enough; I’ll always be failing and behind. When I get there, I get grouchy and overwhelmed at how far I have to go to be the woman God has called me to be. As I sat there praying I felt God reminding me of the thing I know to be true. There’s time. When the kids are grown, they won’t remember that I didn’t dust as often as I could have. They won’t know that I would have preferred to be more caught up on the laundry or that they didn’t read at a time that made me look like a stellar educator (at least as long as I don’t tell them that last one).

There’s time. There’s time to fold laundry later. There’s time to read the story. There’s time to not learn to read today. There’s time to do what God has given me to do and He didn’t give me everything. He didn’t even give me everything that I can see from right here in my living room.

There’s time for you too. You don’t have to finish it all today or next week. You can have a running list of projects for the rest of your life and still do a great work for God. You can ignore the dust and read your Bible. You can leave the laundry unfolded sometimes and go for a walk.

As I walked down the yard with the boys, my prayer intensified to one thing. I want to do exactly what God has for me this moment. Maybe that’s mopping. Maybe it’s writing. Maybe it’s chopping the carrots or hitting the volleyball or going over sight words. But whatever it is, I want to give it my all without being distracted by all the other things.

What does God have for you right now? Don’t worry about all your list or all the dreams. Just do the right-now thing and keep doing it, day after day. You’re going to find those dreams in that work.