Choosing the Adventure

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. -Helen Keller

(Sometimes living an adventure means that you fracture your ankle at volleyball practice. But I’ll take the fractured ankle over sidelining myself in life for fear of what might happen.) I read the above quote on Instagram (I seriously love the inspiration I’ve curated for myself on IG) and was reminded that I get to choose my attitude every single day.

One of my favorite things about my life as a stay-at-home mom (I’m not sure I can legitimately call myself that anymore) is the variety of the work I get to do. I get to do the daily work with my munchkins: living life, doing school, and learning to get along. I get to write and podcast. I get to sing. I get to coach volleyball. I keep a friend’s baby and get my baby fix on. If variety is the spice of life, we’re pretty spicy around here. And I love that. There’s absolutely no time to be bored.

I’m not climbing mountains or painting murals or writing for major publications. I’m not well-known or well-paid. But I’m doing what I love for a purpose larger than myself and all the money in the world couldn’t replace that.


Maybe you don’t have that kind of variety in your life. You think you could dust your house four times in one week (really, if you can do that you have too much time on your hands). So how do you go about finding that variety, accepting the adventure?

  1. Know your season. I wasn’t in this place when Micah was a baby. When he was tiny my schedule was full just keeping up with his care and his IVA management. That wasn’t the time or the place for adding in other things. That was a time to embrace the work in my lap. I grew a lot through that even though it was very challenging. Maybe you’re in that spot. Know that this is a season and buckle down to what you have to do. You are laying an invaluable foundation.
  2. Say yes. Don’t complain you aren’t doing anything if you turn down opportunities. Teach that class. Take that class. Redeem that fifteen minutes from social media and learn a new skill. Make the homemade Christmas presents. Help out in that volunteer spot. Meet new people.
  3. Start small. Start a blog on blogspot for free and get used to writing and find out what you want to write about. Make that one graphic. Help out in the nursery at church. Write that letter. Quit looking for big opportunities and take the small over and over.
  4. Look for how you can help. Find an empty spot? See if you can fill it. Whether it’s a one-time need or a recurring “position” help out someone in need, at your church or in your neighborhood.
  5. Find your satisfaction in Jesus. If you are waiting for a job or a person or a position to satisfy you, you will spend your life always looking for the next thing. If your only goal is to serve and obey God, you can be satisfied every day, whether or not you left the house.

Every season teaches us about God and about ourselves. As much as we would like to, we can’t skip some lessons we need to learn. But we can slowly add variety to our lives and spend our time doing things that matter.