That New Baby Life: What I’m Enjoying Now

Luke is almost three weeks old now! In some ways it feels like he’s always been here and then I realize it’s only been a handful of days. Here are a few things that I’m enjoying in this postpartum season.


Wild and Free by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan: This book is one of my favorites that I picked back up the night before I had Luke and I’ve been reading and praying through it since then.

Summer to Thrive Guide by Jess Connolly: Really, our big summer goal is to adjust to our new rhythm with another baby. The guide is an excellent place to start if summer leaves you flailing. (It is the freebie you get if you sign up for her newsletter and it’s a good one on its own.)

Ephesians 4-6 printed out from Bible Study Tools: I printed mine at 50% scale to leave the awesome margin space for notes. I stuck these papers on a clipboard and it’s super easy to read and take notes now while I’m feeding the baby. Ever tried to write in your Bible with just one hand? Not a good idea.

There Will Be Days

My baby was ten days old Monday. He lost his umbilical cord stump but I didn’t notice until the two-year-old repeated, “fell off?” while pointing at his belly button. There is much less time to sit and observe this baby and that’s what my heart longs to do more than with the previous three.

When the two-year-old was an infant, I realized I had given up despising the night feedings. Granted, he was a decent sleeper so we weren’t usually up all night but I still found it much easier to treasure those tiny, quiet moments when I could simply hold him without needing to correct or love on anyone else.

When I had my first, I simply felt smothered by this person who suddenly needed me all the time. Amazing how a few years and a few more babies gives you more perspective. They go from needy infants to hilarious- and sometimes defiant- three year olds so quickly.

A Promise for New Motherhood

The postpartum season can be hard. Since this is our fourth baby I have picked up on a few things that help me weather this stage without going crazy. Maybe you aren’t anticipating a new baby right now but I bet you have a friend that is. Send it over to her if you think it will help. Love to all you mamas! 

I promise to give myself grace when I don’t like things, whether it’s my new mama body, waking up all hours of the night, or adjusting to all the shifting rhythms.

I promise to rest: to nap during Daniel Tiger, to let friends watch the kids while I peruse a magazine, to go to bed early and let my husband hold the baby.

I promise to document this season of life because it’s important to me (both the season and the documenting). I will take pictures, post to Instagram, and write the words- some for me and some for others.

Dear Last Month of Pregnancy

I was 36 weeks pregnant yesterday. We’re at the point where I could almost have a baby anytime or it could be a month before I have a baby. I don’t know which. I’ve tried to convince the child to send me an email with 48- hey, I’d take 24!- hours notice on when he plans on arriving but it seems like he doesn’t email yet or something like that.

Waiting is hard. When do I mop the floor? Do we have enough food in the house? Can I wear that shirt today if I really want to wear it home from the hospital? These are the mental dilemmas that plague me. Oh, and stuff like, how’s labor going to be? But you know, what can I do about that?

6 Simple Life-Giving Refreshments

We’re counting down the last few weeks of this pregnancy and it’s going by fast or slow, depending on something random that I have no control over. We could have a baby any day (not literally probably) or we might never have a baby (also not literally). But we are passing our days, just carrying today and getting things ready for Luke to arrive.

Here are a few small things that are making a big difference in my life right now.

1. My short haircut. I cut my hair in January or February  and it’s my favorite haircut ever. I’ve never liked my hair “short” for this long and, at this point, feel like I may never go back. It’s much faster to fix and it stays looking good all day (and is easy to fluff if it needs it late afternoon). In other words: lower maintenance and it looks better!

Episode 69: Where Conservatives Go Wrong

This week Phylicia and I are tackling an issue that plagues conservative circles: basing worldviews on a reaction to the world instead of on what the Bible says.

We provide a few examples of this, such as holding motherhood as the highest calling of women, viewing women as objects of sexual temptation instead of humans made in the image of God, and  advancing courtship as the answer to hookup culture.

But not to worry, we also discuss the answer. We don’t have a five-step program that fixes all the problem but we do remind you that your personal theology matters. Get in the Word, know what it says, and build your worldview on that.

Just Carry Today

I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow. It’s very easy for me to look at the next four months and feel extremely overwhelmed. I know I’ll have to journey through these last weeks of being pregnant and I’m tired. And then there’s the great mental debate: When will this baby come? Will the baby have IVA? How will labor and delivery go?

Then there’s a whole new set of emotions with a new baby and three children and hormones and a post-baby body and acclimating to a new rhythm and being exhausted. When I consider all of that as a whole, I feel like I’m slowly sinking in a quicksand that might kill me this time.

(Being pregnant after the first time is great because you have some idea of what’s coming and that it does eventually go away. Being pregnant after the first time is horrible because you know what’s coming.)

When I look at the next four months, I can easily dread the whole time. It can seem that not one good thing will come out of it except the baby and life can look a little grim, to be honest.

Last week I realized a truth that I keep forgetting. I only have to do today.