A Greenhouse with Dirt: Where Things Grow

Last Friday afternoon, I texted my husband.

There needs to be two of me: one to play with and work with the children and one to take care of the laundry and food and the house. 

That doesn’t even take into account which one would care for homeschooling the boys or prepping notes for podcast episodes or preparing to lead a Bible study.

It’s a common feeling, among humans with responsibilities and families and a desire to live for eternity, that there is always more work to do than time to do it. I text with friends about it. I moan over prioritizing my own demands. And over the weekend, a woman asked me how I balanced mothering four kids and taking care of the life stuff: the house, the laundry, etc.

People Who Have Influenced My Faith: Hurrah for the Internet

Yesterday finished #the100dayproject. I’m relieved and satisfied. I intentionally set out to take off weekends and I only missed a handful of days outside of that. That’s a lot of talking, and honestly, much more prep work than I expected. But for all that work I have a book full of notes and ideas and reflections, some of which I’ll turn into podcast episodes.

In yesterday’s video (go check it out if you want), I mentioned that we all need to be students. Read the people that inspire you and then read the people that inspire them. Would that be an inspirational grandparent? It’s one reason I’m sharing all the books I’m reading this year in an Instagram story highlight; that, and I really like to track things.

Episode 108: The Holy Spirit + Church Culture with Landry Jung

This week Lisa is chatting with Landry Jung, a real-life friend who spent a semester of college in South Africa and is headed to China soon. We learn how she made these decisions and how her faith was impacted by encountering Christianity in another culture. We also discuss encountering the God that lives within us and why that makes so many of us uncomfortable.

Landry’s Instagram

The Forgotten God by Francis Chan
Knowing the Holy Spirit through the Old Testament by Christopher J. H. Wright

Episode 107: 4 Reasons Bible Literacy Matters for You

There’s a behind-the-scenes announcement to start this episode!

This week is all about Bible literacy. It’s tempting to think that knowing the Bible only matters if you teach the Bible or have a platform, but that’s not true. We are all tasked to continue the work that Jesus started.

1. Our goal is becoming like Jesus.
2. What we believe about God affects our behavior.
3. We need to preach the Gospel to ourselves.
4. We are lights of the world.

What I’ve Learned from Houseplants

(I know, I know, everyone who starts gardening makes theological connections. But if you’ve grown even one plant, you understand why.)

In December 2016, I bought some air plants for our anniversary. I hung them in glass globes in the living room and misted them every week. They are notoriously hard to kill, which is what I needed since I’ve killed every single plant I’ve ever owned, including the love fern that we bought when we lived in the apartment. (Name that movie!)

In the months following, I kept adding one cheap plant (no need to waste that money, after all) after another. Succulents. Vines. Things I no longer know the names of. Every single Monday I still write water plants in my planner, gather them all into the kitchen, and water away.

(A friend pointed out that some plants don’t need watered every week. I told her that mine get watered every week and they like it.)

How Marriage Works for Us

Monday night was date night. Our babysitter came over and the boys practically shoved us out the door. We jumped in the truck and headed to a restaurant that we reserve for date nights. It is not conducive for four small children; at least, not in our opinion. We talked about a little of everything over our Japanese food: dissertations, podcast interviews, homeschooling. Then we went to Lowe’s. Because every good date night ends at Lowe’s.

(Honestly, I haven’t figured out if that’s because we’re getting old or because we live in a small town. Either way, I usually come home with another houseplant so I don’t question the decision too much.)

When we were almost home, Justin mentioned that he really liked me. (Gag alert: we often have these conversations about being each other’s favorite person.) Of course, I started thinking about why our marriage works.

Short answer- Jesus, duh.

Episode 106: What about that Quiet Time?

Did you know that the Bible doesn’t talk about having a quiet time? So where does this phrase come from? Is this practice foundational to Christianity?

In this solo episode, Phylicia digs into the history of the “quiet time.” She explores what the morning watch was and how it emphasized intercessory prayer. Then she discusses how we can approach our time with God with the intent to know God and go about His mission in our days.