It’s God’s Voice: From Kitchen Sink to Church Platform

I love to sing. Springtime is the season where I serenade our neighbors from our kitchen with Disney songs and the Sound of Music soundtrack while my boys play on the back porch. But singing in front of people by myself is a little more nerve-wracking.

A few months ago our worship pastor asked me to sing a small solo in a song in our Easter program. I have a policy (especially at church) that if I’m asked to do something that I can do and I’m already going to be there, I’ll say yes. So I said yes. And then a few weeks later I realized I was actually going to have to sing by myself in front of people.

I was talking to God about this when I realized it was His voice anyway. (That realization is also what prompted me to publish the piece on motherhood and start doing Facebook lives.) Who am I to decide what to do with it? Do I really think He won’t be with me? God just calls me to obey and sometimes that takes courage.

Sending Him Out: When the Husband Isn’t Home

I’m always joking with friends that my husband’s work schedule and service opportunities would be much nicer for me if I didn’t like him. If I didn’t like him, I wouldn’t care if he was at home. It’s not that he doesn’t balance his work/family time, he does. It’s not that I don’t get more done when he’s gone, I definitely do. But he’s my favorite person. If I had my way, I’d have him around a lot more.

This can cause me to struggle with some attitude problems. (Also, I’ve discovered that I have way more attitude problems as an adult than I ever did growing up. Why did no one tell me that would be an issue?) While my husband is “mine”; he doesn’t belong to me first. He belongs to God first and I fully believe that one of my roles in life is to help Justin serve God better because he’s married to me.

Misery Is Not Your Destiny: Tips for Thriving as a Mama

Last week I read the most depressing piece on motherhood I’ve ever been exposed to. I was sad and a little angry and I sent it to a friend who assured me that was how motherhood was often represented in our culture. This thought has since been validated by a handful of friends and I want to state that motherhood is not the time to give up on life until your kids are older. I’m not going to link to the post because, honestly, I have nothing but compassion for the woman who wrote it. I’d like to come along beside her and encourage her. But in the interest of soon-to-be mamas and new mamas, I’d like to say that motherhood can be creative and fulfilling.

That’s not to say that motherhood can’t also be hard. But hard and bad aren’t the same thing. There are days when the kids fuss, you are sick, the kids are sick or in the hospital, the husband is traveling. Some mamas struggle with depression; postpartum hormones are a real beast; and we all go through periods in our life when the work feels pointless. But that’s not the whole picture.

I haven’t arrived in motherhood; none of us ever do. Most of the upcoming content is stuff that I have gleaned from books, podcasts, blog posts, and other women in my life. It’s not original but that means it works. If you’re struggling in motherhood, don’t read this as judgment. Read it as a list of ideas- things for you to try to help you on your mama journey.

The Motherhood Game-Changer

Ever stumble on something that kinda changes your life? You don’t know that it’s going to- you start something because it’s the right thing to do- and before you know it’s happening  you have a completely different perspective.

I’ve been reading through Psalms before bed and I kept coming across this phrase “sacrifices of thanksgiving.” Then last week I heard a sermon that also mentioned this phrase and I felt convicted about my level of gratitude. Especially when I read the part that said that the sacrifices of thanksgiving glorified God. Isn’t that my goal in life? And here, in black and white, is exactly what I need to do.

Motherhood has felt heavy lately. We’ve been working through some attitude problems (theirs and mine). I’m almost to the third trimester of this pregnancy and starting to recognize the reality of another child joining our family. Ball season is over and I’ve felt a little cooped up, especially since we were all sick for two weeks. Now in some ways motherhood should feel heavy because it’s a responsibility that I want to carry well. But seriousness is not grouchiness.

Episode 67: Going Deeper in Friendships

Today, we’re tackling the next episode in our friendship series and discussing both how to prepare your heart for deeper friendships as well as how to keep the bonds of those friendships strong. We women long for friendships but in so many seasons of life they seem beyond our grasp.

  1. Preparing your heart
    • You won’t be close to everyone; some people won’t even like you
    • You are made for friendship but friendships can’t validate you
    • Deeper friendships take time to develop
    • Peel yourself off in layers as relationships develop; don’t dump on someone all at once
    • Point each other to Jesus; be able to point out sin or problem areas with love
    • Pray: for good friends, to be a good friend, for your friends
  2. Strengthening friendships
    • Find ways to relate even when you are different
    • Be open to new ideas and recommendations
    • Ask for advice
    • Listen
    • Spend time in person/Facetime regularly (it helps to hear her voice)
    • Only speak well of each other

How a Social Media Restriction Changed February + A Few Guidelines

I have a hard time waking up and in January my habit was to roll over when the alarm went off and scroll through Instagram with groggy eyes. Then, of course, I had to check Facebook and sometimes Twitter which I don’t even use consistently. Before I knew it, thirty minutes had gone by, my boys were waking up, and I was frustrated.

I wanted to read my Bible and pray during that first morning time and I wanted to be a little more prepared to see my boys when we were starting the day. So I issued myself a February challenge. During February I didn’t check social media from 10 pm to noon the next day. No instagram stories, no facebook scrolling (although I did use the pages app to post to the blog page), no wasting time reading captions. Now I’m not hating on social media, especially Instagram. I love Instagram. I have curated the people that I follow and I honestly learn a lot from it. But anything out of place is, well, out of place.