Episode 84: How to Graciously Disagree

This week, Phylicia and I take a few minutes at the beginning of the episode to clarify a point from last week and then discuss how to graciously disagree. Because sometimes we disagree and we need a plan for handling that.

Is it a gospel issue?
Are we in a situation where it matters if it’s a gospel issue?
Can we filter with discernment?

Then we share a few practical ways we both handle disagreements, online and in real life.

Episode 83: The Story of the Curses, Part One

For 2018, we’re introducing a few changes! There’s new podcast art and a new tagline: inviting women to Biblically challenge the status quo. We’re going to dive into some deep subjects where we might have answers or we might be asking questions, but all with the hopes of helping us all better live out our faith.

To kick this off, we’re diving into the subject of Eve’s curse. Was Eve cursed? We say no. First we discuss what was cursed and how Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross took all of the curse for sin from people. We’re disturbing some theological truths to claim otherwise. Then we tackle explaining why the pain in birth wasn’t even punishment using the narrative of women and babies in the Bible, the character of God, and the actual conversation in Genesis 3.

We also discuss how having a Biblical perspective on childbirth is necessary for a pro-life stance. It’s really hard to convince women that God has blessed them with a child when you’re also saying that God is simultaneously cursing them.

Next week, we’ll wrap up this topic with some more conversation on curses (you know you’re excited) and why women are also commissioned to work.

Welcome to 2018!

Celebrating Ten Years of Us

Justin and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary tomorrow. I distinctly remember writing our seven year anniversary post and it feels like the years are just flying by, regardless of how hard and slow they seem day by day sometimes.

One of my favorite memories of marriage this year is from when I was in labor with Luke. I was sitting on the hospital bed, holding a popsicle during a contraction, and he quietly walked over and took the popsicle from me. When I mentioned this to him several months later, he didn’t even remember doing it. But he knew me (this was baby #4 after all) and he was paying attention.

Episode 82: Body Image

For the last episode in 2017, we are jumping back in for a full-length episode on body image. We tackle what the Bible says the body is, lies we believe about our bodies, and how we each work on overcoming body image issues.

The body is:
-the temple of the Holy Spirit
-made in the image of God

Lies about the body:
-the body is an ornament
-the body is for our glory
-the body is for attracting men
-the body defines worth
-the body can make me happy

How to Know If You Need Your Bible

I’ve been studying Colossians lately and in the end of chapter 1, we’re told how we become “holy and blameless and above reproach.” That sounds like a good, spiritual thing to want, right? How do we get that way? “If you continue in the faith, stable and steadfast.” When I read that word “steadfast,” I immediately thought of James 1:2-4.

I’ve found that God always has different ideas of what’s good than I do. I would like to be steadfast by doing easy stuff.  But no. Brace yourself as we read how we grow. “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”  (Get your Bible and read the next few verses about stability as well.)

We grow by going through hard stuff. But if we’re going to withstand hard things, we need roots. We have to be rooted in Christ. We have to know that His truth says it’s worth running after Him even with the hard things.