If we believe in Jesus, we face a choice every day: will I actually live like I believe in Jesus or will I simply confess some words and live like anybody else would? What does it mean to live in a way that demonstrates what we claim?

Every day, we shape the story we tell about our lives either with the story of the world we can see or with the story of Jesus. Either the foundation is the promises that God made to us in Christ or the parameters are whatever narrative the world is telling.

We gravitate toward the simple, to what everyone else is doing. We have to train ourselves to reframe our stories in the light of the story of Jesus. How does the life and death and resurrection of Jesus affect how we respond to pain? To repetitive, daily work? To relationships? How do I live with “eternity stamped on my eyeballs” in a way that benefits my neighbor?

That’s what we’re here to explore.

 Lisa Hensley married her high school sweetheart Justin during Christmas break of her junior year of college. Shortly after graduation, they had their first son Micah who was diagnosed with the rare metabolic disorder Isovaleric Acidemia just days after birth. She moved her work home to care for him and they added three more sons to their family. They homeschool their oldest son while their second attends a local elementary school. Lisa coaches a volleyball team for a local homeschool sports organization. Lisa also hosts the Becoming Disciples podcast.
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