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“You’re never going to shower again.” I heard that statement frequently when I was pregnant with our first son. According to general opinion, life was about to end and I had better enjoy the short time of showering and eating hot food that I had left.
We had that boy and another one and then one more. And I found that if I used my time carefully I could not only shower every day but I could write and complete art projects and take piano lessons, mostly while my kids were sleeping and taking naps. I also found that creativity wasn’t something that had to be relegated to times when my boys were sleeping; I could exercise my creativity as I kept my home and homeschooled my boys and ordered our lives.
Motherhood is not the end of life; it is a change of life. You don’t have to shelve who you are as a person in order to mother well; in fact, I would say that makes you less effective as a mama. Motherhood is about bringing our children into life and introducing them to their passions by sharing our own. Does that mean your kids will grow up to be “creatives”? Of course not, but they will see how their talents and skills can be used to honor God and help others.
We are women first, then wives and mamas. If you lose the woman in the mothering, what do you have to offer your children? We can grow in our own personal creativity and mother and live with creativity too.
That’s what you are going to find here: encouragement, inspiration, and ideas for both motherhood and your creative journey. You’ll stories of inspirational women, tutorials for applying your creativity in real life, practical steps for ordering life to “make room” for creativity. We’ll discuss the joys and hardships of motherhood and how we can stay sane when chaos erupts. You’ll get to hear our story and I hope you’ll share your story with me.
It’s time to delve into creative motherhood.
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Lisa Hensley married her high school sweetheart Justin during Christmas break of her junior year of college. Shortly after graduation, they had their first son Micah who was diagnosed with the rare metabolic disorder Isovaleric Acidemia just days after birth. She moved her work home to care for him and they added three more sons to their family. They homeschool their two oldest boys and coach in a homeschool league (Justin in basketball and Lisa in volleyball). Justin works in IT/cyber security at a local university while Lisa writes, podcasts, and pursues creative work in the cracks of their daily lives.
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