Modeling Life-Long Learning

“It’s quiet time, boys. Go ahead and play while mama works.”
Every afternoon I lay my toddler down for a nap and stick my boys in their room to play for a while. Then I settle in at my desk to edit podcasts and blog posts, watch a few moments of an online class, or draw. While I do learn best in a semi-uninterrupted state (let’s face it, that’s the best it gets if they are awake) I do talk to the boys about what I’m doing. I want them to know that mama’s still learning, still dreaming, still doing.
Education doesn’t end when you’re finished with school, whether that’s high school or college. My husband is pursuing his Ph.D. currently and I’m chasing #personalgradschool, where I’m learning to do bits and pieces of my work better. The boys see this and it changes the way they look at school too.
One of the things I love about homeschooling is that it doesn’t relegate learning to a 7:30-3:00 time slot for nine months of the year. We follow a year-round schedule for this reason and try to have a reasonable flow between “school” activities and life activities that are just as much as important a part of education.

Why We All Home Educate + What It Looks Like Here

We officially homeschool. (And speaking of officially homeschooling I think I have to send in a letter of intent this year. Thanks for reminding me.) We’re about halfway through kindergarten because we school year round. So I have no expertise in homeschooling. I’m learning a lot and we’re feeling our way through this thing.
Homeschooling is popular where we live. There are co-ops for the kids and support groups for moms. We have a library card designated for homeschoolers that lets us check out more books at a time. Homeschooling is growing in popularity nationwide and there are enough resources, options, and choices to leave you paralyzed instead of inspired. (Or is that just me? I do like to shop at Aldi because all the options at WalMart overwhelm me.)