Episode 107: 4 Reasons Bible Literacy Matters for You

There’s a behind-the-scenes announcement to start this episode!

This week is all about Bible literacy. It’s tempting to think that knowing the Bible only matters if you teach the Bible or have a platform, but that’s not true. We are all tasked to continue the work that Jesus started.

1. Our goal is becoming like Jesus.
2. What we believe about God affects our behavior.
3. We need to preach the Gospel to ourselves.
4. We are lights of the world.

Episode 106: What about that Quiet Time?

Did you know that the Bible doesn’t talk about having a quiet time? So where does this phrase come from? Is this practice foundational to Christianity?

In this solo episode, Phylicia digs into the history of the “quiet time.” She explores what the morning watch was and how it emphasized intercessory prayer. Then she discusses how we can approach our time with God with the intent to know God and go about His mission in our days.

Episode 105: Our Offensive Gospel

Phylicia got a question about how to make the Gospel less offensive, which sparked a lively conversation about how that’s not actually possible. But why? If it’s good news, what’s so offensive?

In this episode, we tackle the following:

1. What is the Gospel? It is the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It’s the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.
2. Why is the Gospel offensive? We shouldn’t try to smooth out that the Gospel is offensive because it’s exclusive. Because it points out our sin. Because it requires everything from us. The Gospel offends the flesh.
3. How does the Gospel affect today? Does salvation only affect our eternal life or does it affect life now?

Leviticus commentary

The Biggest Story ABC

Episode 104: Soulmates or Brothers and Sisters?

This episode started, as many others do, with a Voxer conversation about soulmates. Do we have soulmates or are we free to marry any available believer? How are we supposed to relate to the opposite sex?

Where did the idea of soulmates come from?
Singles: only temptations or prospects?
How marriage-changing it is to view your spouse as a brother in Christ first
A disagreement about the Billy Graham rule?
Inviting singles into our families

Episode 103: When the Bible Changes Your Mind

This week we are discussing 6 topics where we’ve changed our stance. Before we jump into that though, we have a brief conversation on reading your Bible and why you should change your mind as you grow.

Then we jump in, alternating topics.

What is modesty?
What does it mean that man is the “head”?
Is courtship required?
Should we really just use the KJV?
Are men really that much better than women?
Should women only wear skirts?

Be willing to change your mind based on what Scripture says.

Episode 102: Gender Roles and Jesus

This week we have a special guest, Rebekah Hargraves from Hargraves Home and Hearth. As you’ll hear, Rebekah is a “fairly good” friend of both of us and joins us to discussion some complicated topics like the Eternal Subordination of the Son and how this played into the development of complementarianism as a movement.

Here’s a brief disclaimer that we were unaware of what would be the current conversations about gender relations and the explosion of this topic (if you are following the news on this anyway). Either way, this was what we had recorded for this week and simply continues the conversations that we have been having already.

This episode includes a brief discussion of Eternal Subordination of the Son, quotes from the founders and presidents of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and how Jesus interacted with women.

Rebekah’s article on complementarianism.

Christianity Today podcast link

Wendy Alsup

Women in the Storyline of Redemptive History

Rebekah’s Instagram 

Extra reading: How Jesus Discipled Women

Episode 101: Things the Bible Actually Doesn’t Say, Part 2

This week we finish our conversation on things the Bible actually doesn’t say about women.

We discuss how sex isn’t just for men and that men aren’t charged with being the primary breadwinners of the family. Then we move on to Biblical pictures of femininity and masculinity (hint: we’re all being remade in the image of Jesus) and how both parents are necessary to raising children.

The article that started this whole conversation.