Episode 65: Establishing a Life after Moving

This week, Phylicia and I are discussing a topic brought up at the podcast meetup we hosted in December. How do you acclimate to a new life after you move? Moving changes your whole life and it can take a while to find your footing.

Also, we had some sound issues with this recording and while we edited out as much as we could, this episode has a lower sound quality than our typical podcast. Thanks for your understanding and for listening!

  1. Restore rhythms- ease back into new routines slowly
  2. Find friends- put yourself where the people are
  3. Help your kids with the adjustment

Phylicia also adds a few thoughts on moving back to the same town as your family since that can hold its own difficulties.

Episode 64: How to Enjoy Motherhood

Inspired by this article, Phylicia and I are discussing how to enjoy being a mom. Motherhood is hard and it’s a gift from God and that dichotomy often needs an attack plan in our daily lives.

  1. Have the right perspective. Motherhood is work.
  2. Have systems.
  3. Learn from other moms.
  4. Be confident.

Episode 63: Breaking Down Goals

Because there’s nothing magical about January 1st, this week Phylicia and I are discussing our goals and words of the year. We also talk about how we arrived at our words and how we break down our goals into practical steps.

  1. Words of the year: Phylicia chose Settle and Lisa picked Make.
  2. How we arrived at our goals.
  3. How we make goals happen.
    • Visual reminders
    • Make to-do lists from goals

Episode 62: Insecurity and Female Relationships

To start off the New Year Phylicia and I are discussing how to deal with personal insecurities when interacting with other females. There’s nothing like a talented, beautiful acquaintance to remind us of all the things that we aren’t. But we don’t have to live there. Listen in for four tips on interacting with other women.

  1. Be a “there you are” person.
  2. Don’t worry if other people like you; concern yourself only with honoring God.
  3. Other people don’t think about you as often as you think.
  4. Be interested, not interesting.