Episode 118: Creativity, Work, and Theology with Andrew Peterson

This week Lisa interviews Andrew Peterson, a songwriter, musician, and author. You’ve probably heard his music but if not, go listen to Resurrection Letters Vol. 1 as soon as you’ve finished this episode.

They discuss how Andrew conceptualizes different types of albums, how long he considered working on his fiction series before he started writing, how he’s managing social media these days, and his role in The Rabbit Room.

You can find Andrew on Instagram (when he’s there) or on tour.

Episode 116: Rejoicing and Weeping with Others

In this week’s episode, Lisa explores a short verse in Romans 12 that insists we are supposed to enter into the joys and sorrows of others. But that can be really hard, can’t it? Lisa finds that remembering that Jesus is the prize helps her celebrate the victories of others and that remembering she isn’t here to be happy helps her enter into the griefs of others.

Episode 113: Different Ways to Read the Bible

This week Lisa wraps up our series on Bible literacy. She briefly mentions genres (the Bible is truth and literature) and then discusses different ways to read and study the Bible.

Resources on genre:
The Story of the Bible 
How to Read the Bible 
The Bible Project: scroll through and listen to the episodes on poetry and narrative and metaphor and setting

Episode 111: Theology 101: Who is God?

This week, we are kicking off a new series! Phylicia and Lisa are co-hosting theology 101: a non-seminarian, open discussion on various theological topics. This series is designed to encourage you to dig into the Bible, form your theology as you read and study, and compare Scripture with Scripture.

We start with “Who is God”? What do we know about Him and how do we know it? Jump in with us!

Episode 110: Taking Scripture in Context

Three episodes ago we talked about why Bible literacy matters for all of us, no matter our vocation. But we don’t want to leave you hanging there so we’re going to offer some help with this literacy. This week, Lisa discuss proof-texting and how to work through the context of Bible passages. She starts off discussing some verses we commonly use for poof-texting

Then she defines some words and asks a few questions:
Does it (your meaning) agree with the actual text it’s contained in?
Does it agree with the story of the Bible?
What is the historical/cultural context of the passage?

Sometimes Christians act like understanding the Bible is simple, but if you put a little work into it you can get so much more in return.