Episode 101: Things the Bible Actually Doesn’t Say, Part 2

This week we finish our conversation on things the Bible actually doesn’t say about women.

We discuss how sex isn’t just for men and that men aren’t charged with being the primary breadwinners of the family. Then we move on to Biblical pictures of femininity and masculinity (hint: we’re all being remade in the image of Jesus) and how both parents are necessary to raising children.

The article that started this whole conversation. 

Episode 100: Things the Bible Actually Doesn’t Say

This is the first of two parts where we tackle some common conservative narratives about gender that aren’t actually in the Bible.

This week we tackle the myths that men are supposed to keep women in line, that men and woman always view each other sexually, and that men are called to lead their wives.  (Don’t freak out until you listen in, ok?)

We’ll finish up this conversation next week.

The article that started this whole thing. 

NPR article about Patterson. 

Episode 99: Confronting Sin in Marriage

This week, we are tackling how to confront sin. This is not an intensive guide (please seek wise counsel from godly people in your life) but rather an overview of some Biblical attitudes to help direct your actions.

We talk about why how you talk to and about your spouse on the regular matters, when Phylicia resembled a cornered badger, and why you shouldn’t be the accountability for your spouse.

Episode 98: For Expecting and New Mamas

Spring is baby and wedding shower time! In light of that, we decided to dedicate an episode to expecting and new mamas. We share books, the pared-down baby necessities list, birth accounts on Instagram, and resting- really resting- after you give birth.

Then we move into early motherhood and making sustainable decisions instead of convenient ones, avoiding the “mommy wars” by remembering the freedom we have about so many things as believers, and keeping something fun around to entertain yourself when you are up with the baby.

Note: If you listen with your kids around, we do discuss both birth and sex after babies. You might want to pop in some headphones for that part!

Holy Labor
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

Goal Setting- even in April

We’re tackling goal setting, even (especially!) though it’s the end of April. As Christians, how we spend our time matters and there’s nothing like a re-evaluation before summer starts.

We talk about casting a vision, identifying your trouble areas, and the difference between goals and practices. Then we end with a discussion about Phylicia’s productivity course!

Phylicia Masonheimer


Episode 97: Personality Tests, Podcasts, and More!

We’ve dropped episodes on a lot of serious topics lately so we thought we would mix things up with a fun episode. We discuss personality tests, podcasts, and a handful of our favorite things.

We discuss three personality tests. On the Myers-Briggs, Phylicia is an ENTJ and Lisa is a INFJ. We’ve both recently dug into the enneagram and Phylicia is a 3: the Achiever and Lisa is a 8: the Challenger. On Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies, Phylicia is an Upholder and Lisa is a Questioner.

Episode 96: Why Church?

This week, we’re tackling why church matters and why it should matter to us. Do we actually need to be involved with a local group of believers? What difference does it make in our lives?

We discuss that Jesus died for the church and therefore we must care for it. This Christian faith is meant to be communal, not individual, and that means doing life with other believers.