Episode 70: Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

We’re back!! While breaking for a few months (when I had Luke and we both dealt with some personal issues), Phylicia and I have changed the format of the podcast to allow us to produce more content with less recording time. This week, however, you get a normal podcast episode. Thank you for listening!

This week we are tackling the topic of comfort zones: why people like them and why we should embrace opportunities to step outside them.

  1. Discomfort is the only way to grow.
  2. See discomfort as a challenge instead of a hindrance.
  3. Discomfort shows God’s grace and strength to others.
  4. Discomfort shows us our need for God.

Episode 69: Where Conservatives Go Wrong

This week Phylicia and I are tackling an issue that plagues conservative circles: basing worldviews on a reaction to the world instead of on what the Bible says.

We provide a few examples of this, such as holding motherhood as the highest calling of women, viewing women as objects of sexual temptation instead of humans made in the image of God, and  advancing courtship as the answer to hookup culture.

But not to worry, we also discuss the answer. We don’t have a five-step program that fixes all the problem but we do remind you that your personal theology matters. Get in the Word, know what it says, and build your worldview on that.

Episode 68: How to Build a Life You Love as a SAHM

We’re baaaaack! After a slightly unexpected break (we really did intend to record a few episodes while Phylicia was visiting but we talked too much and did Facebook lives), we are back with a new episode! We intentionally titled this episode “how to build a life” because a life you love doesn’t magically appear. You don’t luck into it and no one else does either. Here are a few ideas to make this happen.

  1. Be a tourist in your hometown.
  2. Structure your days with a weekly view in mind.
  3. Get outside!
  4. Nurture creativity and personal projects

Episode 67: Going Deeper in Friendships

Today, we’re tackling the next episode in our friendship series and discussing both how to prepare your heart for deeper friendships as well as how to keep the bonds of those friendships strong. We women long for friendships but in so many seasons of life they seem beyond our grasp.

  1. Preparing your heart
    • You won’t be close to everyone; some people won’t even like you
    • You are made for friendship but friendships can’t validate you
    • Deeper friendships take time to develop
    • Peel yourself off in layers as relationships develop; don’t dump on someone all at once
    • Point each other to Jesus; be able to point out sin or problem areas with love
    • Pray: for good friends, to be a good friend, for your friends
  2. Strengthening friendships
    • Find ways to relate even when you are different
    • Be open to new ideas and recommendations
    • Ask for advice
    • Listen
    • Spend time in person/Facetime regularly (it helps to hear her voice)
    • Only speak well of each other

Episode 66: What Biblical Friendship Looks Like

Based on feedback we received at the podcast meetup last December, Phy and I are starting a series on friendship. This week we are discussing what Biblical friendship looks like, why we need friends of different ages, and using technology to stay in touch. Plus, you’ll get a brief glance into the life of our friendship.

  1. The Titus 2 model of friendship
  2. What’s the point of friendship?
  3. What Biblical friendship does
    • supports God’s call on lives
    • pushes one another to Christ
    • cheers on other person
    • handles the difficult circumstances of life
  4. What Biblical friendship does not
    • encourages you to be flippant with life
    • sees life as comparison
    • born of gossip or jealousy
    • not propelled by insecurity