Episode 63: Breaking Down Goals

Because there’s nothing magical about January 1st, this week Phylicia and I are discussing our goals and words of the year. We also talk about how we arrived at our words and how we break down our goals into practical steps.

  1. Words of the year: Phylicia chose Settle and Lisa picked Make.
  2. How we arrived at our goals.
  3. How we make goals happen.
    • Visual reminders
    • Make to-do lists from goals

Episode 62: Insecurity and Female Relationships

To start off the New Year Phylicia and I are discussing how to deal with personal insecurities when interacting with other females. There’s nothing like a talented, beautiful acquaintance to remind us of all the things that we aren’t. But we don’t have to live there. Listen in for four tips on interacting with other women.

  1. Be a “there you are” person.
  2. Don’t worry if other people like you; concern yourself only with honoring God.
  3. Other people don’t think about you as often as you think.
  4. Be interested, not interesting.

Episode 61: Dealing with the Unexpected

All of us have unexpected events occur in life but what are we going to do when they come? We can either throw a fit because we aren’t getting our way or we can walk a path of grace- because God always goes before us. This week Phylicia and I are discussing some ideas for managing life when the unexpected arrives.

  1. Am I really willing to let God interrupt my plans?
  2. You can be sad and surrendered.
  3. Share your heart carefully.
  4. Be flexible with routines and schedules.

Episode 60: Home Management 101

This week Phylicia and I are discussing how to manage the basics of home life and why it’s important. Home management cares for your family while also making time for you to pursue other interests.

Please note that we are taking a sabbatical for the month of November but we’ll be back in December! 

The foundation of home management is self-discipline. Discipline brings freedom.

Then Phylicia and I discuss the various ways that we have handled different aspects of home management and suggest some other options that might work for you. We discuss:

  1. Meal planning
  2. Laundry
  3. Cleaning
  4. Scheduling