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2017 Goals + Word of the Year

I didn’t actually decide on a word for 2017 until New Year’s Eve and I was starting to get nervous because I had considered and tossed out a lot of ideas. But after voxing Phylicia with my concerns over not having a word, I was listening to a podcast and decided that my word is MAKE. I want to actually make things, not pinboards and castles in the sky, actual work in my home and in my life. I’m going to make breakfast and dinner. I’m going to make a home. I’m going to make memories and art and stories. I’m going to make music and lesson plans. I’m going to make space for other people and time for things that really matter. I want my hands in the work that God has given me.  

This is the first year that I’ve tried to be respectful of my season when I was setting goals. I actually took a good look at where I am and what this season requires of me before I decided what I could work on or what I needed to work on.

This is key to goal-setting. The best sounding goals in the world will do nothing for you if they aren’t rooted in your reality. If you aren’t evaluating where God has put you and what He has given you to do, you are setting yourself up for frustration. Goals really aren’t about making a better you; they are about stewarding well what God has given you. (Thank you, Lara Casey, for that tidbit.)


In light of that, here are my 12 goals for the year in no particular order.

  1. Go through the Bible program at church by myself and with the kids. We are doing an awesome program that steps you through the major passages of the Bible in a two chapter a day/five days a week format. I’ve read my whole Bible through many times and this year I want to slow down and really marinate in what I’m reading. We actually have a book that’s set up with spaces for your notes so at the end of the year I’ll have collected what God’s been teaching through His Word all year! They also have a book for kids and I started it with the boys this week.
  2. Learn to play guitar with Micah. We got Micah a guitar for Christmas and if he’s at a place where he’s ready I want him to learn how to really play it. But either way, I want to work on learning mine. I’m tired of it sitting in a corner of the office untouched.
  3. Decorate our home. I’m finally starting to grow into our decorating style and what I want our home to look like. God made things beautiful and useful when He created and I see no reason I can’t try to follow that example as I work on making our home. We’ve done quite a bit with this over the last six months and I love how it’s turning out.
  4. Learn to use Illustrator. This would be a great skill for many of my art projects/future plans. There’s a course I’m planning on buying since I know absolutely nothing about Illustrator.
  5. Prepare to start 1st and Kindergarten in the fall with Micah and Kevin. Actually, chances are I’ll continue preschool with Kevin in the fall and start kindergarten next January but that’s the aim.
  6. Family vacation in September. Already reserved our condo!
  7. 2 date nights a month. We actually have a babysitter now so that uncomplicates those plans.
  8. Plant a garden. Micah is dying to have a garden and we spend most of summer outside anyway.
  9. Invest in real life community. Church, sports, friend groups. I have lots of ways for this to happen but I do want to prioritize it.
  10. Personal Project. I want this to be a 100 Days type project but I expect to do this in the fall, after I’ve had this baby and adjusted a little to our larger family.
  11. Sing in choir/Serve in Welcome Center at church. Fairly self-explanatory.
  12. Writing 2017. Blog, work, journaling. I would like to journal more about family happenings so I’ve switched to more of a bullet format to make it less daunting when I am squeezed for time or tired.

I set up my January goals to play off of those.

  1. Paint kitchen- falls under #3.
  2. Decorate the wall above couch- ditto. This is already half-done too!
  3. The Crafter’s Box. Signed up and have a friend to have a project night with! This is more in line with my word for the year which is “make.” I want to actually DO things this year.
  4. Kinder/preschool jumpstart. We’ve jumped right back into school so we’re headed toward goal #5!
  5. Work schedule modifications. #12 and makes room for #4. Still working on getting some work done before the boys get up but I am doing better with mornings in general and managing my afternoon work time.
  6. Buy maternity pants/sweater. Because I can’t wear regular clothes anymore.

What are you working on this year? Do you have a word for the year to share?



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