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5 Things I’d Tell You: Pregnancy Edition

I love going out for coffee with friends, especially if I can sneak out once the boys are in bed or while they are working on a project with my husband. There’s nothing like sipping a drink or eating a brownie while discussing the best and hardest parts of life. And since I was 20 weeks pregnant this week it seemed the perfect time for some maternity talk. So grab your drink and chill for a few minutes this Friday.

1. I run the gamut of emotions between the wonder of a child growing inside me to the realization that soon this baby will be in my arms and I have to reorient our entire schedule to handle that. When I’m energized I think I can handle it; if I’m tired I’m sure that we’ll never adjust. But we’ve brought home three already so surely at some point we’ll find our footing. (Right?) For that very reason, part of my prep time praying for a coming baby always includes praying that God will prepare my heart and our family.

me and little boys couch

2. The first half of this pregnancy has flown by. Besides that first month where I had the broken ankle and couldn’t walk on my own at least. Half the time I forget that I’m pregnant until I bend over to help the boys pick up blocks and wonder why it’s so uncomfortable. I’m sure most of it is due to having three children already because I don’t remember doing that the other times. In some ways it makes me sad because I do want to enjoy this season but at the same time, I am enjoying the season when I’m not guilting myself over not enjoying it the “right” way.

3. Usually I feel slightly muted during pregnancy, like all my creative energy is going to growing a child. But once I got out of that first trimester this time it went away. I don’t know if it will be back in the third trimester or if I’m just in a different stage than I have been with the other boys. But either way I’m enjoying it now because I know things will shift postpartum. Creativity is an ebb and flow process and I freak out much less about the muted times now that I’ve had a few of them and realize they don’t last forever.

4. We’re having another boy! We finally convinced the four-year-old that we weren’t naming the baby after him and he’s come around after some sadness. I think I’ll invest in some #boymom shirts now. Seriously, I think four stair step little boys is going to be so adorable.

5. Send me links to your favorite maternity jeans, please. I have a great pair that I almost love from Motherhood Maternity. (Skinny jeans with the pocket extensions instead of the fully belly at this point.) The only problem is that I’m three or four inches too tall for them and so they always feel like they’re falling off. They’re super cute and comfy but it’s gonna be hard to ignore that for another 20 weeks. What’s your favorite maternity skinny jean?


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