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9 Project Ideas

Lately I’ve gotten quite a few questions about project ideas and how I fit in time to do projects. This post won’t address both of those topics but I’m going to tackle a list of project ideas if you are looking for some inspiration for March. Or April or May or- you get the idea.

(However my number one tip on accomplishing projects? Start small with something you know you can manage and let it grow if it blossoms. Commit to 20 minutes once a week and see where it takes you.)

The one thing I would challenge you to do when you start any project is to document your work. Whether you take pictures for yourself (maybe on a private Instagram account so you can make a photo book later) or share them in a public spot on the internet or take notes on what you are learning, you will get more out of the work if you can see what you’ve accomplished when you’re done. Does this mean all the work will be good? Of course not. But that’s not why you are doing it.

Some of these links are affiliate links. If you purchase through them at no extra cost to you I get a small commission to help fund the blog. 

goal trackers


1. Sign up for The Crafter’s Box. I started doing The Crafter’s Box last month and it’s been so much fun. We dyed natural fiber and made a wall hanging and I’ll share a photo on Instagram as soon as it’s completely finished and hanging. My favorite thing about The Crafter’s Box is that it’s all curated for me. I don’t have to think of a project every month and find links to YouTube tutorials and gather all my supplies. A box is shipped right to my door with everything I need inside. Such a fun surprise toward the beginning of the month.

2. Document your life through photobooks. I’ve never been much for scrapbooking, although there are amazing things being done with those. But I do love to record our family’s story through photos and this is a great way to do it. I’ve been meaning to print a few out for myself and I think I’m going to try ChatBooks. Artifact Uprising also has some amazing products. Such a simple and beautiful way to document your family or a project.

3. Cook your way through a cookbook. Think Julie and Julia. I have to confess this is one of my favorite movies because it combines two of my favorite things: blogging and cooking. Mix it up a little though. Personally I would choose a smaller cookbook and maybe one night a week. On Friday nights, I’ll cook my way through Pioneer Woman’s Dinnertime.  Which I bought a friend for Christmas because personally I love Pioneer Woman. (I’m really hoping she’ll read that and decide to invite me over for these Friday night dinners!)

4. Do a personal challenge. In 2015, I completed a personal art challenge. I enjoyed it so much the project grew and grew throughout the year as I added more work to what I was doing. Pick one thing you love to do and then commit to doing it for 20 minutes once a week. I always shared my piece on Instagram as a type of accountability.

Kevin and Fireman Sam

5. Record memories of your grandparents. The older generations have some amazing stories of times that we will only read about in books. Sit down and interview your grandparents about different parts of their lives. Bonus points if you video or audio record the sessions.

6. Take a class on Creative Bug or Craftsy. You can find fairly cheap classes on photography, sewing, art, and many other things on either of these sites. Even just 20 minutes once a week will put you through one of these classes and you might find, if you really enjoy it, that you can squeeze out 20 minutes several times a week.

7. Work through a DIY book. I bought Happy Handmade Home last year and I love to just flip through it. It’s full of beautiful pictures (which is my favorite part) and super fun projects. Find a DIY book that you like and tackle one project a month. Y’all, I added a book about photography to my own wishlist just looking at the related items.

8. Take a local class or workshop. We live in a college town and associate with several homeschooling groups so I know of a lot of classes that happen around here. (Personally what I’m looking for is a pottery class.) You could also travel to a weekend workshop with a friend!

crafter's box

9. Fill out a One Line Journal. This would be an amazing record of your life in five years. I cringe when I think of all the things I’ve forgotten that seemed so special at the time.

Do you struggle finding project ideas? I like to keep lists like these so that when my inspiration is running low I can keep working. What are your favorite project ideas?



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