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A Manifesto for Confident Christian Women

Imagine a generation of Christian women looking to Jesus instead of each other. Imagine churches and communities full of women using the gifts and talents God gave them. Imagine a generation of women so busy serving God and loving others that they had no time to compare themselves or their work to their sisters. Imagine a group of women simultaneously learning from and teaching other women while resisting the temptation to copy each other.

It sounds like a dream but it starts with you. It’s living with confidence and encouraging other women to do the same.

Confidence is walking the path God has laid out for you.

Confidence is not
-being a size 2
-looking like Miss America
-making a lot of money
-having a lot of Instagram followers
-seeming to have it “all together”

These things are only band-aids to your issues.

Instead you need to find what God has for you to do (’s in the Bible) and then you need to do it.


Have you ever met a woman like this? She can be intimidating because she’s so abnormal but as you get to know her she ceases to be intimidating; she becomes empowering. Instead of wanting other women to be like her- forming a fan club, so to speak- she wants them to be like Jesus. She wants them to pursue God’s work for them even if it’s radically different from her own.

She knows she doesn’t serve a God that stamps His daughters out with a cookie cutter so she delights in their differences. She knows they are made for different spaces and need different gifts. She knows God wants His women to fill the earth and that means doing many different jobs in many different ways. She doesn’t waste her time wanting someone else’s work or life because she’s too busy serving Jesus in her own.

She lavishes grace on others without compromising truth because of the grace she has received. She is growing in her knowledge of God and growing in personal holiness while understanding that becoming like Jesus is a lifelong journey and not a sprint for this week.

She knows she can’t do everything and she carefully prioritizes and measures out what she can do to make the most of her time. She refuses to carry guilt over the things she doesn’t do.

She knows people are more important than tasks but she pursues her work with excellence.

She knows that she needs Jesus more than anything and makes Him the focus of her days and nights.

She knows her goal is pleasing Jesus and shakes off the concern of what others think of her.

She pursues Jesus. No time to waste comparing or gossiping. No time to waste pursuing lesser things. She knows what God wants her to do and she does it, encouraging other women to do the same.


Let’s be that woman.


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