A Promise for New Motherhood

The postpartum season can be hard. Since this is our fourth baby I have picked up on a few things that help me weather this stage without going crazy. Maybe you aren’t anticipating a new baby right now but I bet you have a friend that is. Send it over to her if you think it will help. Love to all you mamas! 

I promise to give myself grace when I don’t like things, whether it’s my new mama body, waking up all hours of the night, or adjusting to all the shifting rhythms.

I promise to rest: to nap during Daniel Tiger, to let friends watch the kids while I peruse a magazine, to go to bed early and let my husband hold the baby.

I promise to document this season of life because it’s important to me (both the season and the documenting). I will take pictures, post to Instagram, and write the words- some for me and some for others.

I promise to slowly add back to our rhythms. I will make space for writing (even for just five minutes) and for holding a sleeping baby. I will wrap Luke and go on adventures with my family or fellowship at church. I will let the boys entertain the baby while we cook and play music.

I promise to pray a lot- for me, for our family, for others so I relearn how to look beyond myself.

I promise to remind myself that God walks with me, that this is part of His ordained path for our family, and He has all I need.

I promise to keep a good book by the bed for when I’m up at night feeding the baby.

I promise to walk outside in the sunshine as often as I can because sunshine is almost magic.

I promise to drink lots of water, snack on good food, and slowly, slowly ease back into some yoga.

I promise to let people in: to tell my husband how I feel, to let my friends know when I need help, to not feel like I have to do this alone.

I promise to remember that I am a woman not just a mama, to see the beauty in this season, to enjoy how much the boys love this.

I promise to start back on dates with my husband and find five minutes to draw a picture, letter a quote, or talk to a friend.

I promise to let this be the start of something beautiful, for this baby, our family, and for myself.

Here’s to starting, no matter how hard or uphill the sacred journey is.



  1. This is such a sweet article! Please keep writing and sharing your experiences! It makes me ENCOURAGED that my future “Mommyhood” doesn’t just have to be about diapers and tiredness. You are an encouragement and a great example at motherhood 🙂

    • Elissa, thank you so much for your sweet words! It’s really not just diapers and tiredness- although there is some of that too 🙂

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