That New Baby Life: What I’m Enjoying Now

Luke is almost three weeks old now! In some ways it feels like he’s always been here and then I realize it’s only been a handful of days. Here are a few things that I’m enjoying in this postpartum season.


Wild and Free by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan: This book is one of my favorites that I picked back up the night before I had Luke and I’ve been reading and praying through it since then.

Summer to Thrive Guide by Jess Connolly: Really, our big summer goal is to adjust to our new rhythm with another baby. The guide is an excellent place to start if summer leaves you flailing. (It is the freebie you get if you sign up for her newsletter and it’s a good one on its own.)

Ephesians 4-6 printed out from Bible Study Tools: I printed mine at 50% scale to leave the awesome margin space for notes. I stuck these papers on a clipboard and it’s super easy to read and take notes now while I’m feeding the baby. Ever tried to write in your Bible with just one hand? Not a good idea.


Sovereign Grace Pandora station: This is my favorite right now. I’d link to it but I haven’t done a thing special to it. Just type in “Sovereign Grace Music” and let it play.

Elise Gets Crafty: Elise Joy has started a new season of her podcast and I’m so glad it’s back!

Journeywomen: I’ve just started listening to this podcast and I’m really enjoying it.

And of course, Entreleadership: Especially listen to the bonus episodes from their Summit.


Large amounts of water: My volleyball girls got me a large Yeti tumbler (it’s a 28 or 32 oz, don’t remember which) and I typically drink four of those a day.

Iced coffee: I use this Pioneer Woman recipe on a smaller scale and I add a large spoon of caramel syrup with some milk and a splash of cream. This is how I start my morning once the boys are up.


Simple food: We are so blessed with wonderful people who have sent food and gift cards and money. Right now, simple is amazing and we’ve been eating so well.

Small snippets of work: I’ve found tiny pockets of time to work on writing or handlettering and it’s been so refreshing. I’m writing down all my other project ideas to save for later. Just because now isn’t the time doesn’t mean it will never be the time. 

Simple to-do lists: Simple seems to be a theme, doesn’t it? But right now I’m actually putting laundry on the to-do list- which I never do- and feeling accomplished when it’s all folded and put away.

The husband: He took two weeks off work and it was such a blessing to our whole family. He’s a rock for us and I’m constantly reminding myself to invest in that relationship right now even if it feels like I’m either tired or feeding the baby.

Knowing myself a little better: I finally figured out that when I feel super discouraged, instead of thinking life is a dud, I should go to bed earlier or sneak in a nap. IT’S BECAUSE I’M TIRED. Why did that take me four babies to figure out?


  1. I’m still adjusting to my first baby who is 11 weeks old… you are a rock star! Thank you for sharing this with us — all your blog posts have been so helpful and comforting. Congratulations on baby Luke!

    • For me, first baby was definitely the hardest! You are doing an awesome job! And I’m so glad! Congrats on your baby as well!

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