How to Speak Truth over Your Laundry + a playlist

Last week I found myself drowning in laundry: piles to fold, piles to wash, more in the washer and dryer. There were children constantly needing correction (for the same thing as the day before!), dinner to make, and oh look, the rug needed vacuumed again. That’s when I decided there was no point and I might as well not even bother. It wouldn’t matter if no one ever cleaned our floors again, right?

It’s not that anything big was wrong. I was just tired and being tired makes me more easily discouraged.

Side note here- I know in these situations that I’m just tired and nothing’s really wrong because when I wake up feeling rested I’m sure I could take on the world. Diagnose the problem: it’s not that life is bad; it’s that I’m tired.

Maybe you don’t have a houseful of small children, including a newborn, but I bet there are times in life when you feel the same way: overwhelmed and discouraged just by the little details of life.

I have no immediate fix for this but I have found a few practical things that help me.

Sleep. Of course sometimes this is less possible than I would like. I have a one-month old. As much as I would like to crash into bed at nine and sleep until six the next morning, I won’t be doing that. But I can still steal a short nap while the other boys watch a Daniel Tiger. I can turn off the tv and go to bed as soon as Luke’s asleep. We could probably all get more sleep than what we think.

Drink more water. Drinking sufficient amounts of water makes a huge difference in how I feel. When I am rested, I usually feel energetic- even huge piles of laundry can’t beat me.  When I’m not rested, drinking more water might not make me feel like Wonder Woman but it will help me make dinner and feed the hungry horde children.

Absorb truth. When I’m feeling discouraged about life I need to remind myself of truth. Truth like “God’s in control.” “God gave me this work to do and I should be faithful.” But you know what I usually tell myself? Things like, “I’m wasting my time.” “The kids will never learn.” “There will just be more laundry tomorrow; I’m going to spend my entire life folding laundry!” Those things feel true but that doesn’t make them true.

My trick? Turn on good music. Last week I decided to help myself out and I made a Spotify playlist that reminds me of eternal truths. I picked songs that will redirect my thoughts from the laundry to the God who made me and you know what? If I’m singing “Jesus, Thank You,” it’s really hard to be railing against the dirty dishes at the same time.

I thought you might need help remembering the truth too so here’s the playlist if you want to sing some truth over your laundry piles (or homework or filing at your boring office job).

Maybe we’ll all squeeze in a nap over the weekend as well!





  1. Isn’t sleep the most amazingly restorative thing? God built in that healing power when He created us and I love that! 🙂

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