5 Things I’d Tell You: Creative Edition

What we behold is what we become. Input determines output. However you want to phrase it, what’s in front of our faces shapes us. When it comes to creativity, I have intentionally cultivated steady sources of inspiration and education. Today, I thought I would share five things that you might enjoy too.

Andrew Peterson I first heard Andrew at a homeschool conference this past spring. I attended a concert and heard his teaching session and was thoroughly impressed with how he incorporates so many different creative talents into his work. His music a little different from what I typically listen to but I love it.  (Also, I was fascinated to learn that he co-wrote several of my favorite VeggieTales songs.)

Shel Silverstein His poem “Magic” was the inspiration for mamas are the magic makers. I checked Where the Sidewalk Ends out of the library to read with the boys and I’ve enjoyed it so much. I really want to expose them to some age-appropriate poetry and it doesn’t hurt that I like it too.

Print Magazines Even in the age of digital media, I love to hold the work in my hands. (I prefer actual physical books to ebooks too.) I love the cross of journalism and storytelling in the articles and my choice of magazines usually has a lot of lifestyle/home inspiration as well. My favorites include Magnolia Journal and Southern Living. I’d love to start getting the print editions of Darling or Tapestry as well.

Elise Gets Crafty Elise makes the Get To Work Book that I love so much and she also hosts a podcast about creative small business. It’s my favorite and I frequently comb back through the archives when she’s not in a season of releasing new episodes.

Emily Jeffords Instagram account Emily Jeffords is (mostly) an abstract landscape artist and I love her instagram feed. She shares bits of her work, family, and travels and it’s captivating to follow along with her process.

What are your creative inputs?