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A Toast on My Husband’s Birthday

My husband’s birthday was last Saturday. I had almost pulled off a half-surprise party for him on Friday night when one of the boys came down with a 101 fever. I think I was more bummed about that than he was.

If we had a big party and I got to raise my glass and speak (and I would since I’d be throwing the party), here’s what I’d say.

You are exceptional. I’ve never met anyone like you and I’d choose you over anyone else.
You are my safe space. You hold my dreams and encourage my talents. You make me laugh. You see me in ways no one else ever has and you still love me.
I will champion you. When you need words to lift you up, I’ll speak them. When you need someone to intercede for you, I’ll be on my knees. When you need a hand, I’m holding out mine.
Together, let’s run. Let’s raise our voices and our lives for the Kingdom. Let’s do battle for this family and this faith and any ground that God gives us.
I’m glad you’re mine. I’m glad I’m yours. I’m glad we belong here, together.

Happy Birthday, darling.


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