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Favorite Things: March Edition

It’s spring! Ok, here in Kentucky we had snow last week but technically, it’s spring. So let’s celebrate with some favorite things!

My Current Worship Playlist: 

I made a new worship playlist and it’s on pretty much all day. It’s a mix of TobyMac, Christy Nockels, Mandisa, and even a few songs that I listened to in high school.

My Get To Work Book: 

My planner is the written record of our days since I’m the worst at journaling regularly. It contains our plans for school and the podcast and holds all our appointments. I use part of it to make a prayer list for the week. I write down things that happen during the days and notes about life that I don’t want to forget. Just last week, I pulled out my 2016 planner to look up when something happened.

The Crafter’s Box: 

I’ve been learning to knit this month! It’s been so fun for me to do these yarn crafts- like all my baskets that I made- over the winter. Something about winter + yarn just screams cozy to me. Next, I’m going to make a mobile. Check out Sarah Perez on IG because her work is beautiful and she’s the one sharing her talents.

The Gospels: 

Unlike everyone else, I’m not reading the Bible chronologically right now. I started in the Gospels. It’s been amazing, of course, (like there’s a bad part of the Bible to read) and I’m trying to soak up who Jesus is and how He acted while He was here walking on the earth. I’ve just been reading a chapter of day and going through it with my pencil, making notes and adding references to other Scriptures.  (I also have a highlight series on Instagram of my Bible study tools.) Jesus is beautiful and the whole Book is all about Him. Get in it.

Iced Coffee: 

My iced coffee gets mentioned on these lists almost every time I make one. That’s probably because I drink it every single morning. Rain, snow, sleet, sunshine- nothing stops the iced coffee parade. And why should it?


Over the past few years I’ve cultivated some deep friendships with some other women who love God. They encourage me, pray for me, meet with me to talk about God’s Word, and just walk through life with me. I cannot express the powerful effect this has had on my life. Thanks, ladies, you know who are you.


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