People Who Have Influenced My Faith: Hurrah for the Internet

Yesterday finished #the100dayproject. I’m relieved and satisfied. I intentionally set out to take off weekends and I only missed a handful of days outside of that. That’s a lot of talking, and honestly, much more prep work than I expected. But for all that work I have a book full of notes and ideas and reflections, some of which I’ll turn into podcast episodes.

In yesterday’s video (go check it out if you want), I mentioned that we all need to be students. Read the people that inspire you and then read the people that inspire them. Would that be an inspirational grandparent? It’s one reason I’m sharing all the books I’m reading this year in an Instagram story highlight; that, and I really like to track things.

Today, I want to share some people who have impacted my faith journey. It’s not a blanket endorsement of everything any of them believe. I can tell you that each one has been influential in some way in my life, whether it’s their books, blogs, podcasts, or tweets.

These are in no particular order and I’m sure I’ve left some people out.

Lisa Whittle
Beth Moore
Dr. Lynn Cohick
Dr. Sandra Glahn
Dr. Tim Mackie
Dr. Leighton Flowers
A.W. Tozer
Jess Connolly
Ruth Simons
Oswald Chambers
Andrew Peterson
C.S. Lewis
Jo Saxton
Jen Wilkin
N.T. Wright

Let’s say it again, the internet can be very wonderful.