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Resources for Hold Up Weekend

My friend Megan Anduzlis and I have started doing Hold Up Weekends to help believers “hold up” for a minute and think before responding. We share a resource, wait a few days to give everyone time to read/listen to the resource and think about it, and then hop on an Instagram live to discuss the content. You can watch the last one we did here.

One of the goals is that we practice thinking about what we are consuming instead of being content with a quick reaction. We want to think well and converse graciously; since this is not our natural reaction we have to cultivate this approach. This is a space to practice those skills.

This weekend we are going to discuss the greatest threat to the American church, and to clarify, I mean the white evangelical American church. We will be stepping through a few resources in the order they are listed below. Take time to read them each individually and consider what they say as a whole. Then join us on an Instagram live at 8 pm EST on Saturday, January 2nd on my profile.

Seminary presidents affirm BFM, declare CRT incompatible

Southern Baptist seminary presidents reaffirm their commitment to whiteness

Beth Moore on Twitter

Allie on BlazeTV

Megan and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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