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Resources for a Discussion on 1 Timothy 2

After a conversation during a Q+R on Instagram, I agreed to discuss 1 Timothy 2. As soon as I agreed to do this, I also told my Instagram friends in a story that they had homework too. They might have asked me to talk through the passage but no one gains anything by someone else doing the work alone or telling them what to think. I asked them to read all of 1 Timothy, noting any themes they saw. Then to walk through Paul’s train of thought in all of 1 Timothy 2, making a very brief “outline” of sorts. Finally I asked them to write down any questions they had and any other passages of Scripture they thought of during the reading.

If you missed that part, feel free to participate in the homework before watching the video or checking out these resources. The whole point of this is studying Scripture so Scripture is where we start. Is that a decent amount of work? Sure. But if we are going to have opinions that we insist are biblical we need to thoroughly evaluate them.

My goal with this conversation is to point out some of the difficulties of this passages and then focus on things the passage does not say. You can find the conversation on Instagram right here! 

However, I also want to provide some resources for you to read and listen to as you work through this topic. It was specifically asked that I provide resources on all sides of this topic and what you will quickly realize is that, though two people may fall under the same label, there will be differences in their thought and reasoning. Please do not assume that I agree with every part of these resources. I am not complementarian, but know that I picked complementarian scholars/pastors that I deeply respect. There is much more that you can find on both sides of this. Entire books have been written on this tiny passage so do not expect a few links or a short IG video to cover everything.

I attend Fuller Theological Seminary and they have two downloads on women in ministry.

A Biblical Basis for Equal Partnership
6 Theological Reflections

Douglas Moo has written this paper titled “1 Timothy 2:11-15: Meaning and Significance.

Timothy Keller shares the position of his church.

Gary Hoag’s research of relevant literature.

Marg Mowczko on literature about Adam and Eve.

Amy Gannett discusses the Greek verb for “exercise authority” in 1 Timothy 2:12.

Cynthia Westfall has written Paul and Gender that talks extensively about this passage. This book is a fabulous resource.

William Witt’s Icons of Christ may be my absolute favorite, and he addresses the creation narratives thoroughly.

There is, of course, so much more. This is only jumping off spot for you. Thanks for continuing to have these conversations with me!






Photo by Emily Lewandowski on Unsplash

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