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Life as usual: pictures and links

I’m still debating what role social media is going to play in my life; I cannot find a good answer yet. I considered just jumping on Instagram and sharing some of this, but ultimately decided not to. I like that this is living here, in my own space, probably seen by fewer people but also not competing with an algorithm or leaving me waiting for likes.

The past two days have been the most gorgeous weather. While the rest of the country has been battling extremes in weather from hurricanes and wildfires, Virginia has felt those first crisp mornings that leave me longing for a lengthy hike. I’ve prayed for people who, on top of dealing with a pandemic, are displaced from their homes, specifically my summer professor who evacuated while waiting to see if a fire would consume her community. Alongside that, I have felt the cooler air rushing over my arms while biking to pick up my kids from school and my heart has exhaled many “thank you’s” as I pedal over the hills. I’m going to have amazing thigh muscles.

We are three weeks into school and my first grader’s class has already been quarantined. There are just enough students, only in that one class, sick with something yet undiagnosed that they wanted to stop it before it spreads around the school. I appreciate that care and attention and I’m also glad that I wrapped up my final research paper for my summer class a couple of hours before the school called me to come get him.

I’ve been hopping on Instagram and browsing so here are a few links to things I have loved.

Elissa Weichbrodt is a favorite follow. Her color walks that she shares in stories help me pay better attention to what I’m seeing.

This short clip of Jackie Hill Perry talking about reading and writing is gold. What you read matters if you want to write. I want to feed my soul with great writing. Here and here are two books that left me contemplative, and I’ll update with summer reading next week.

Sharon Hodde Miller dropped a few lines that articulated what it’s like to be a woman called to ministry.

Justin and I have been watching The Mysterious Benedict’s Society with the boys and loving it. We’re only a couple of episodes in but the first season is available on Disney+.







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