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My Tiny Winter Delights

Last week, I saw Anne Bogel mention* that she was planning a post on things that are saving her life. I veered from that description because I know it raises the hackles of believers who want to insert a theological statement because I have my own term for this. The intent is the same either way: How are we surviving winter or a lingering pandemic or children who don’t sleep through the night or the routines of life that blind us to beauty or insert the thing that pushes you over the edge

Her comment reminded me that I am attempting to not rush past winter this year. I’m not trying to love it (there’s always next year, right?), but I am trying not to spend all winter wishing for spring. I am anticipating spring but appreciating today. Part of that for me will always involve #chasingtinydelights. Paying attention to the good and the beautiful around me shapes my life. Here’s my list of tiny delights. 

Waterproof shoes. I asked for this pair for Christmas and they are so comfortable. 

Getting outside. Hence the need for waterproof shoes. Walking to preschool and elementary school pickup almost every single day is good for me, even if it’s cold. Bonus points for walking with a friend, as you will notice below.

New leaves unfurling on my monstera. I thought I had killed it but it’s coming back. 

Making soup-or chicken and dumplings-in my dutch oven. Perhaps if you don’t have one, you’d be interested in one of these

Listening to the Encanto soundtrack driving to school (drive in the morning; walk to pickup is the rule if it’s not raining). I switch to Hamilton after the kids are out. Then I sit in my car when I get back home and jam out until the song’s over. 

Block scheduling for work. This quarter I’m assigning a class to a day and then keeping a day for the newsletter and The Order of Junia work. 

People. I land slightly on the introvert side of the scale, but I’ve discovered that I want to see people every day. Please and thank you. 

Writing. My schedule is full but playing around on the blog is bringing me life. It’s delightful, not a duty. 

Dreaming about the future on our land. A few weeks ago, Justin and I stood at the farthest corner of the snowy front yard and stared at the house. I want a shared vegetable garden with some friends, berry bushes, a compost pile. Maybe even eventually some chickens. (What is happening to me? Maybe this is some incomprehensible yearning for warm weather talking here.)

Reading a novel before bed. I went from Half of a Yellow Sun (Adichie is amazing but the book is heavy) to Gilead, which I stopped trying to read because I dreaded picking it up (life’s too short, friends) and now I’m starting Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

What is your winter delight?

*Alert: I still use Feedly and read blogs. I want all the blogs to come back. Bring them back! 

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