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A February Friday: what I’m doing, reading, and watching

The kids are out of school for a teacher workday so it’s been a relaxed day for me as well. Pairing nicely with a day off school, we were graced with 65 degree weather. It’s glorious, though I’ve warned the boys, and myself, that winter is not over yet. 

What I’m doing: 

I got a TB test as the last step for being cleared to sub at our local elementary school. TB gives me “Victorian novel where delicate female dies at 22 leaving behind either heartbroken husband or a resentful aunt who had raised her but never wanted to” vibes. This was reinforced when the nurse said she had never seen one be positive.

I also took thirty minutes and started clearing out some garden beds down in our front yard. They don’t look like they’ve been used in several years though a gate still stands with a tangle of barbed wire guarding it. Fenceposts have been visible since our first tour of the property but I was surprised to untangle a section of fence in my work. I also uncovered some sort of irrigation/water hose system that will have to be investigated further. The plan is for a few friends to join in on a vegetable garden. I am a garden novice but my dad and my mother-in-laws are experts. 

In the midst of all of this is a running list of work: read a book, finish a paper, wrap up a discussion post, work on The Order of Junia. I actually made a list on a post-it so it would feel bite-sized instead of overwhelming. That mostly worked. 

I also cleaned some walls in the living room (that’s probably my spring cleaning) and obviously I’m working on this post instead of sending emails. Oops. 

What I’m reading: 

This book that a woman on Instagram recommended has been so fun to read. It’s her own story of settling into Blacksburg, Virginia, which she peppered with research and other people’s stories of loving their own towns. I had thought of most of the ideas before, but the book gives handles for the “how” of settling in. While I was waiting for my TB test, I made a list of activities I wanted to try and places I wanted to visit. I also bought this book to read next. When I’m thinking about an idea, I like to hear other people’s thoughts too.

This book came in the mail today! I’m excited for it because of my kids but also for me and Justin. I love the great resources that are available for understanding our faith and discipling our children. 

What I’m watching: 

If I get enough work done at quiet time, I’m hoping to watch a movie with Justin tonight. Let it be Friday, ya know? Work Saturday night if needed. That’s my weekend motto. We had a goal to watch all of Tom Hanks movies and then we fizzled off, but it appears we have unofficially brought it back. We watched Bridge of Spies last week. Who knows what we will pick for tonight. If you’re looking for one, I recommend The Post. I loved it. 

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