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A podcast, a birthday, and some muffins

Elise Cripe has been one of my favorite internet people for years and years. Last night, I was cleaning the kitchen, putting away my CSA veggies, and listening to her talk about how she keeps track of all of her plans when I realized that I haven’t been doing as much longer-range planning. This is odd because I normally love it. 

Part of the reason is because a year is short until your kids are this old. Then the years hurtle by. I’m not torn up about the kids growing up. I love watching them grow and develop. Growing up is a gift for them and for me. It does concern me that I’m not giving them what they need.

That’s a silly reason to not plan ahead. The year is going to pass either way. Better to look at it wide-eyed.

My youngest is five today. Justin tested positive for covid on Monday after being exposed at work last week and he is exiled to the basement and we are all quarantined at home, but we are going to celebrate the best we can. And I’m going to put a little bit of time into planning. 

Also a plus of kids being older, my 9yo made these muffins last night. They are phenomenal. We made two subs so that they were dairy-free and they got a full round of applause from everyone. 

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