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My aim for a sweaty summer

Yesterday felt blissfully cool, especially when the breeze was blowing. It was in the low 80s, which was quite different from the 90s of the rest of the week. 

I love being outside. I’ve always joked about living in a treehouse, except that’s not really a joke. Maybe in new creation, I can live in a treehouse, in the middle of a forest, by a river.

This week, the official start of summer break for the boys and the beginning of the shift in my schedule, I’ve been working in the garden and weeding the flower beds. Since Justin is still recovering (though he’s doing quite well) from covid, I’ve also been slowly working on putting up the pool. 

One of my aims for summer is to soak myself in sweat most days. Now you might think that sounds gross, but here’s what I’ve discovered: if I’m outside in the summer, I’m going to get very sweaty. I might as well make that the aim and prepare for it. Instead of resenting sweat as an unwanted byproduct of being outside; I’m going to make it the goal. By way of preparation, I bought more sports bras. That’s it. That was the annoyance about getting so sweaty; I had to wash them too often. 

Here’s to gardens and bike rides and hikes and yard work and owning more than two sports bras, especially when one of them has disappeared.

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  1. Sara says:

    Love the acceptance of this! I too have accepted and dress accordingly for SE summers. It’s the same with grocery shopping on a rainy day- if you’re ready for it, then it’s not a hassle, just a part of the day.

    Also, have a solid water bottle refill plan in place and electrolytes, too!

    Cheers to a sweaty, but well prepared for, summer!

    • lisah says:

      Yes, maybe this is just true of the weather in general since it is far beyond our control? ha That’s a great reminder about water and electrolytes! Cheers to your summer too!

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