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Slow work, satisfying results

Yesterday, I turned in both finals for this quarter of seminary. I started in spring quarter of 2020 and I just finished spring quarter of 2022 and honestly, I’m still not sure exactly why God has led me to seminary outside of a few hopes and dreams. But I’ve changed as a person. (Honestly, is that enough? It might be.) I’ve challenged a lot of my ideas. I’ve been pushed beyond my comfort zone. I’ve gotten better at reading and writing. I’ve been introduced to so many new scholars and theologians. I love the Bible more. I’ve found a richness in church history and tradition that I did not know existed. I’m ready to continue on. 

While Justin and I were cooking dinner last night, I walked down to the garden to pick some lettuce for our salad. Before I came back up with a huge bowl of spinach, kale, and two kinds of lettuce, I threaded my spaghetti squash through an overhead wire so it could grow better, like my cucumbers are doing now. I picked my first yellow squash. I pulled a few weeds and watered everything. I have no idea how many hours have been put into the garden, but I’ve worked in it a lot. I’m down there every single day, watering, weeding, admiring my work a little. The garden is growing and I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I walk back to the house with my produce. 

It’s easier to include pictures of the garden than my two digital papers, so enjoy these. But I wrote a 2500 word paper on food in the Old Testament (specifically 2 Kings 4:38-41) focusing on the idea that death reigns in the world so where life is found instead it is the work of God. I also designed a curriculum for 3rd-5th graders to teach that God is creator and humans made in God’s image have the responsibility and privilege to care for the earth. Both were strangely enjoyable, though, at time, also frustrating. 

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