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Summer Delights

Each season seems to contain its own little delights and joys (its own darkness too, but that’s a different post) and today I want to chronicle a few of summer. 

-Ben Rector. Magic is my favorite album right now but the The Joy of Music is fabulous. 
-Bubly! Raspberry is my favorite flavor. Lime is a close second. 
-Sunscreen. I bought a Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen that I put on my face, neck, and shoulders every day. 
-Baking. I associate baking with winter usually, but I have time to bake now and the boys are home to participate. It’s been fun. 
-Open windows. I’ve been opening the window in my office every morning. Today it was 58 when I got up and the breeze coming through the window was amazing. 
-Reading blogs. I use Feedly and the Substack app. I’m off Instagram for the summer, which is both weird and freeing, but I will always love a good blog.

Cheers to Friday!  

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