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Summer’s resistance to rhythm

This week we traveled back to Kentucky to see some close friends who still live there. We’ve tried twice to see them already this year and illness has gotten in the way every time. We had been there 24 hours before one of them tested positive for covid. Another followed the next day. We came home early in case one of us who didn’t have it two weeks ago got it.1

Covid has followed our summer plans so far. I was texting with a friend and mentioned that I had decided that instead of waiting on a summer rhythm to finally work, I am going to let summer be both off-kilter and good. Otherwise, I might wait for a rhythm and summer pass by while I’m waiting. 

I’m going to ground my summer in some daily work2 and try to let it flow as it will otherwise. So much is beyond my control. I don’t want to spend my life waiting for some ideal routine and miss the actual life in front of me. 

1 Nothing sounds worse than an eight-hour drive with someone running a 101 temp.
2I really want to add in some weekly rhythms, such as church, and, yet, here we are on a Sunday morning, home until we test for covid tomorrow. 

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