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Life Lately (or what about everyday work?)

In the Helena Sorenson interview , she mentioned that sometime a “do this every day” mentality doesn’t work as well for women. While I’m always hesitant to apply something essentially immeasurable to a large group of people, it has been a balm for me recently as I haven’t written here in a week. 

My writing priorities go like this. 
1. School. 
2. Substack
3. The blog. 

I haven’t fallen off with the first two at all. All deadlines have been met. In fact, most of the work has been almost fun. I have missed this space, but we’ve been camping and I’ve been adjusting to my new Substack writing routine, and this is all I’ve had left. 

Truthfully, more of my morning time is going to Greek as well. I like that and would prefer to adjust to write a little more, but I’m also staring at school starting in three weeks and I know that the entire routine I’ve established this summer will need to be redone. 

I added a trellis to the garden last week.
The campground we stayed at had the sweetest donkey residents.
We went to a hot air balloon rally at a festival in our hometown.
I read this whole book. It is phenomenal.
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