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Letting curiosity steer fall transitions

These past few weeks have reminded me of Christmas break. We’ve been cramming in fun things because summer break is almost over. Routine and rhythm have flown out the window. A big transition is looming but it’s not quite here yet. I’ve been preparing by making lists and trying to mark things off. My brain is crowded. 

It makes sense that September is sometimes considered the “other” January. I feel it. I’ve been thinking about these last months of the year as if they are disconnected from what’s happened previously. The schedule will be different than it has been in months. An academic year feels like a fresh start because it’s new and different, just like the transition of a new calendar year and date. It’s the perfect time for us to reset. And we will. 

Right now, I’m holding my fall schedule loosely. I have some tentative hopes for a rhythm that I’m not sharing yet. Some things that are still undecided. But I’m also allowing myself to dream. To ask, Who do I want to be in December and how do I shape my life in that direction? What is God repeatedly impressing on me that I can explore in these months? What do I need to add? What do I need to subtract? 

I want to spend the next few weeks of August being curious about life in the rest of the year. And checking off those lists so that we have lunches for school and we know who’s doing drop-off and pick-up.

Seeing the beauty inside our home
and outside it as well
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