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Seminary Notes 11

Yesterday, I printed out Hebrew alphabet practice sheets. Today I took them to work and scribbled strange markings during lunch. The alef bet quiz will be our first and I am making steady progress. I’m awed at getting to learn a language that is so ancient and still used. I’m apprehensive because I know how much time I put into Greek and Hebrew is supposed to be harder. I’m honored to get the opportunity to do this. I’m over halfway finished with my seminary degree now, hallelujah. I’m working out the details for my needed apprenticeship and I’m remembering this is a gift. 

Kristin and I have been putting in some work on The Order of Junia. We have big goals and are doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Many of our conversations have reminded me of how many women have been denied a place in seminary, of how much work from female scholars and theologians has been lost to time, not deemed worthy of being kept for the future church. Following in their footsteps I get to study Hebrew. I get to write research papers. The internet holds my work and my thoughts in class content and Substack and this blog. Our goal with The Order of Junia is to foster spaces that encourage women to continue stepping into what women have always done: wrestle with what it means to be a follower of Jesus- mind, body, soul, strength. 

This halfway point in seminary feels never ending. It would be easy to be almost drowning, and, honestly, I’m not saying I won’t be with Hebrew memorization. But I’m going to mutter under my breath, “it’s a gift, it’s a gift” as I try to decipher the difference between four Hebrew letters that look almost the same in type. 

May this hidden work, that seems in the moment to be doing nothing, be revealed to be a great blessing to the church. 

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