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Shoes solve the problem

From noon Friday to noon Saturday I take a sabbath. I don’t work on Hebrew. I don’t write for the newsletter. I don’t do homework, answer anything but the most urgent of emails, or deep clean the house. I do frequently watch something with Justin once the boys are in bed. 

A couple weeks ago, we watched The Lost City. I laughed a lot but almost every day since then I’ve thought about Loretta Sage’s real predicament: she was dropped into the jungle in less than adequate clothes and shoes. She even had a chance to change clothes once and didn’t and I yelled at the tv as she ran. 

My boys asked me once what my favorite pair of shoes were and their little mouths dropped open when I told them it was my hiking boots. But really, if I were going to be dropped in the jungle, that’s what I would want to be wearing. I feel ready for life when they are on my feet. I think about Loretta every time I slide on my Rothy’s and head to work. 

We are hiking this weekend and I truly do love my hiking boots.

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