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Theology matters, so does what we say about sex

Yesterday, a friend sent me a screenshot of Rich Villodas discussing his endorsement, and the retraction of his endorsement, for Josh Butler’s upcoming book Beautiful Union. I dug around into the story-though I couldn’t read the original post on The Gospel Coalition because they had deleted it-and was disturbed by the premise. In fact, I remained disturbed for the rest of the day. I chatted about it with a friend. I brought my husband up to speed. It was still circling my mind this morning.

Thankfully, I don’t have to write any type of response because other people have. Beth Felker Jones has a thorough analysis that is worth your time even if you know nothing about Butler or any controversy on the web. Michael Bird also has some thoughts. I wonder if we could remember that women are designed to be active participants in both theological thought and sex? It might help us.

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