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Good lyrics, good vibes

Six or eight weeks ago, I made a playlist of country songs by female artists from the 90s and 2000s. I hope you are envisioning Shania Twain and Faith Hill because they are certainly on there. And Sara Evans. I had a huge Sara Evans obsession for a while in high school. 

I didn’t make this playlist because I listen to country music. I do not (though this Tennessee Orange song was precious only because I’m a TN fan). I made this playlist because I know these songs and they are fun to sing. They will reverberate around our basement bathroom and singing in the shower is a great way to unwind before bed. 

The lyrics are junk for the most part. It’s not that they are gross or vulgar; they are just bad writing. This song, for example, is fun to sing but it also annoys me while I’m singing because the writing is so pitiful. The lyrics are banal and obvious.  Let us have something to chew on mentally while we’re singing. 

I’ve been contrasting these lyrics to the latest Taylor Swift album where she legitimately works the word “machiavellian” into a song lyric. Whatever you think of Taylor’s music, she tells stories. She draws you in. Her grasp of language continues to surprise and delight me. 

More of that please.

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