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Lynchburg Favorites

I can walk out my door, cross two neighborhood roads, walk down the edge of a neighbor’s yard and be on the edge of Camp Kum-Ba-Yah, 50 acres of woods and trails between the main road and the elementary school. If there is anything that makes me feel like I live in a fairy tale, it’s taking a ten minute walk through the forest to pick the boys up from school.

Favorite Places in Lynchburg

  1. My house. Duh. I love home.
  2. Camp Kum-Ba-Yah
  3. Givens Bookstore (terrible website, amazing place)
  4. Montana Plains Bakery-Boonsboro
  5. Grey’s
  6. Percival’s Island
  7. MayLynn’s ice cream truck
  8. Lynchburg Grows

If we’re just talking food, Isabella’s is amazing. Rivermont Pizza is a vibe. Market at Main is affectionally referred to by my boys as “the pancake place.” Flour District has great “big city” vibes and the chocolate croissant is a can’t miss. Right next door to it is Scratch Pasta where you can buy olive oil and kitchen supplies right next to wine and homemade frozen foods and fresh mozzarella. It’s going to be a great experience for you if you love food or cooking or kitchens.

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