Episode 123: Speak Truth to the Lies

In this solo episode, Lisa talks about realizing she was speaking lies over her life instead of the truth of the Gospel. She steps through three questions to help you identify your internal dialogue, evaluate that by the Gospel, and then apply the truth of the Bible to the lies you are telling yourself.

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Episode 122: Seasons in Ministry with Lauren Alexander

This week Lisa chats with Lauren Alexander, a pastor’s wife, mom, and speaker. Lisa met Lauren at a conference over the summer and snapped up the chance to interview her. They discuss how her speaking ministry started and how it morphed into having an online component. They also talk about social media use and how the enneagram has helped their spiritual lives.

Episode 120: Growing in Discernment

In this week’s solo episode Lisa discusses the signs of a lack of discernment. It seems that most of us are clamoring for someone to tell us who’s right on the internet and what’s wrong with specific books. Discernment is a skill that all believers are supposed to be growing in, not one reserved for “elite” Christians. So she ends the episode with practical ideas for growing in discernment.

Episode 119: Ordinary Places with Shannan Martin

Shannan Martin‘s new book “The Ministry of Ordinary Places” released yesterday and Lisa sat down and chatted with Shannan about the book.

They discussed learning to view yourself as a neighbor, setting boundaries, and telling stories that involve other people. They also bring their enneagram 8-ness to the conversation for a few minutes.

“Until I’m told to go, this is where I am.”

Order the book HERE.

Episode 118: Creativity, Work, and Theology with Andrew Peterson

This week Lisa interviews Andrew Peterson, a songwriter, musician, and author. You’ve probably heard his music but if not, go listen to Resurrection Letters Vol. 1 as soon as you’ve finished this episode.

They discuss how Andrew conceptualizes different types of albums, how long he considered working on his fiction series before he started writing, how he’s managing social media these days, and his role in The Rabbit Room.

You can find Andrew on Instagram (when he’s there) or on tour.