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Just Carry Today

I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow. It’s very easy for me to look at the next four months and feel extremely overwhelmed. I know I’ll have to journey through these last weeks of being pregnant and I’m tired. And then there’s the great mental debate: When will this baby come? Will the baby have IVA? How […]

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Why Motherhood Shouldn’t Be the Highest Goal

There’s this story that circulates that clutters up womanhood. It’s the story that motherhood is the supreme calling of women. That there’s nothing greater that you could do or aspire to. That- above all else- you should want to be a mama and nothing will matter more than that. There’s only one problem. I can’t find […]

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Having the Guts to Share: A Reader Question

I think we all, sometime in life, feel a draw, or even a calling, to do something that we feel unqualified to do. I’m talking specifically about writing here but if God calls you to do something you need to be more concerned about obedience than how that obedience makes you feel. A reader emailed […]

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Episode 68: How to Build a Life You Love as a SAHM

We’re baaaaack! After a slightly unexpected break (we really did intend to record a few episodes while Phylicia was visiting but we talked too much and did Facebook lives), we are back with a new episode! We intentionally titled this episode “how to build a life” because a life you love doesn’t magically appear. You don’t […]

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How to Shape a Life You Love

Any life involves of a lot of the mundane. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, a mom, a teacher. You still have clothes to wash, lines to wait in, errands to run. There are always dishes; you will need to eat; you have to make the bed in the morning and occasionally clean the […]

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How Self Care Works for Me

One of the first things my oldest learned in his kindergarten curriculum was the days of creation. It always strikes me that God used six of His days to work but He reserved a whole day to rest. A whole day when He, God Himself, never gets tired and never sleeps. We mamas do a […]

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