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Episode 79: The Whys and Why Nots of Modesty

This week, we are tackling the subject of modesty! The first thing we discuss is why we both hate the word “modesty” and the words we prefer instead. Then we move right on to four reasons modesty matters: -how we dress should reflect that we are set apart -we are dressing the temple of God […]

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Episode 78: Motherhood and Discipleship

In our second solo episode, I’m tackling how motherhood is just an extension of our call to discipleship. I gave this talk to a MOPS group earlier in November and I’m grateful to be able to share it with you! Sometimes motherhood isn’t fulfilling. When we don’t feel the warm fuzzies, we don’t have to […]

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Episode 77: Getting Started as a Writer Q+A

Since Phylicia and I are both writers we frequently get asked how to get started as a writer. First thing? Start writing! Then decide how/if you want to share that writing with others. Then we move on to some work tips; a work ethic is invaluable to learning to write well. Write consistently, be in […]

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Episode 76: How Do We… Study the Bible

For our second episode in our “How Do We” series, we’re discussing Bible study. How should we approach the Bible? What does Bible study look like with small children? What are some of our favorite resources? Lisa gives you three questions to consider when coming to the Bible and shares some encouragement if you’ve ever […]

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Episode 75: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

I asked Phy what to name the episode and well, that’s what happened. But literally, we are talking about how we talk about sex and why it matters. Reflects on our witness Teaches children how to view sex Changes our attitude toward sex Alters our actions

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Episode 74: A Biblical Approach to Birth

What does the Bible really say about birth? In this first solo episode, Phylicia tackles Genesis 3 and how Christians should approach birth and babies. New Age ideology dominates the birth conversation largely because the church has been silent besides to terrify women with whispers of “their curse.” But man was cursed too, right? There […]

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Episode 73: Meal Planning Q+A

In this week’s listener Q+A, we tackle how we both handle meal planning. (Just for context, Lisa has a family of 6, Phylicia has a family of almost 4.) Our meal planning strategies have changed some over the years but it still saves the evening witching hour. Here are some ideas for menu planning: -make […]

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