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4 Random Thursday Notes

1. Assuming summer to be off-kilter has proven the right step for at least this week. Two more of the kids came down with covid and last night I started to feel sick. My temp has mostly stayed a low-grade fever though it crept up to 101 last night. I’m definitely less sick than my husband was a few weeks ago. Once I’m feeling better, I’ll tease him about that. Right now, since he’s taking such good care of me, I’ll let it be. 

2. My second son will be ten at the end of the summer and has discovered a love of audiobooks this year. When a friend told me their older son was listening to The Lord of the Rings, we decided to let him try The Hobbit. He listened to all of it and we all watched the three-part trilogy afterward. (Warning: many, many fight scenes.) He moved on to The Fellowship of the Ring and finished it earlier this week. We’re letting him stay up past bedtime and watch the movie with me. We watched the first half last night and plan to finish it tonight as long as I can stay up for it. (We did fast forward through the scene at Weathertop and we will the scene with the balrog as well.)

3. Yesterday I finished translating 1 John from Greek to English. I want to continually sharpen my Greek skills and my practice has been consistent since I slid it into my early morning rhythm. I’ll pick another book to start translating (by googling the books with the easiest Greek) and I ordered this book to work through. If we can all stop being sick, I intend to meet with a local woman regularly to work on Greek. I’ll start on Hebrew in the fall quarter and I hope to do work with both languages all my life. 

4. I’ve used the same paper planner for five or six years and I keep them. I’m not very sentimental but they journey through the whole year with me. They’ve earned their place. However, I decided to start experimenting with a digital calendar as well. (Kept it simple and went with Google.) We’ll see how it goes. There are pros-sharing items with Justin, having it in my pocket, easily adding our menu plan- but also cons. I keep other notes about my life in the paper one. I love paper books and holding things in my hands. I know I need some different organization skills so I’m trying to integrate some new habits. This is the one I’m trying first.

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