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Q+A Mini Episode 8

This week Phylicia and I are talking about dealing with postpartum hormones. We include some ideas for weathering the baby blues and dealing with hormonal changes as well as resources if you struggle with postpartum depression. Don’t walk this part of life alone! Kristen LaValley The Humbled Homemaker

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Episode 63: Breaking Down Goals

Because there’s nothing magical about January 1st, this week Phylicia and I are discussing our goals and words of the year. We also talk about how we arrived at our words and how we break down our goals into practical steps. Words of the year: Phylicia chose Settle and Lisa picked Make. How we arrived […]

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How to Grow into Your Style

Recently I’ve realized that I’m growing into my decorating style. I’m also growing into a clothing style and I’m growing into a lot of things that I’ve been working on: things like what I like to draw and how, handlettering, even crafty things. I’m never going to arrive. The nice (and frustrating) thing about life is […]

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2017 Goals + Word of the Year

I didn’t actually decide on a word for 2017 until New Year’s Eve and I was starting to get nervous because I had considered and tossed out a lot of ideas. But after voxing Phylicia with my concerns over not having a word, I was listening to a podcast and decided that my word is […]

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Q+A Mini Episode 7

This week we are answering a listener question from Sarah. She asks how we can let people into our lives when we have been hurt in the past or know that we could be hurt. If you have a question, send us an email at

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Episode 62: Insecurity and Female Relationships

To start off the New Year Phylicia and I are discussing how to deal with personal insecurities when interacting with other females. There’s nothing like a talented, beautiful acquaintance to remind us of all the things that we aren’t. But we don’t have to live there. Listen in for four tips on interacting with other […]

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My husband may not notice my “bad hair” days but he will notice my “bad attitude” days.  -Francie Taylor Isn’t that true? Sometimes I let my bad hair days get me so twisted around that I am grumpy. Or I’m grumpy that I didn’t get my hair and makeup fixed before Justin leaves. Or I […]

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