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Episode 66: What Biblical Friendship Looks Like

Based on feedback we received at the podcast meetup last December, Phy and I are starting a series on friendship. This week we are discussing what Biblical friendship looks like, why we need friends of different ages, and using technology to stay in touch. Plus, you’ll get a brief glance into the life of our […]

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Rare Disease Day: A Choice for Future Babies

Our fourth little baby will be our fourth little boy. I’m thrilled to the depths of my being about this sweet life and yet, if you had asked me in early October if I wanted another baby, I would have answered with an unquestioning “no.” That’s because part of pregnancy for us is making a […]

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How to Have a Good Day with Small Children

There’s this strange struggle to me. So many of my days have what I consider high notes: we finished school work for the day, I got in some work, we snuggled and cuddled and read. But even on those days there’s still the reality of life with small children. If I added it up in […]

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How to Find Your Mama Community

Occasionally motherhood makes me feel like a crazy person. I’m often convinced that I’m the only woman in the world who has ever felt the way I do about my children until another mom says, “Oh no, I definitely feel that way too.” It’s doubly confirming when it’s coming from a mom with almost grown […]

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Episode 65: Establishing a Life after Moving

This week, Phylicia and I are discussing a topic brought up at the podcast meetup we hosted in December. How do you acclimate to a new life after you move? Moving changes your whole life and it can take a while to find your footing. Also, we had some sound issues with this recording and while we […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve never been big into Valentine’s Day but this year I want to try a little bit harder to celebrate smaller holidays with my family. No fancy parties, no decorations, just little tweaks to our daily routines that recognize a special date on the calendar. When I sat down to plan this month’s blog content, […]

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Q+A Mini Episode 9

This week, Phy and I are answering a commonly asked questions: how did we meet? It’s a fun story that didn’t involve meeting in person until December of 2016. The internet can be a lovely place, friends!

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