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The Motherhood Game-Changer

Ever stumble on something that kinda changes your life? You don’t know that it’s going to- you start something because it’s the right thing to do- and before you know it’s happening  you have a completely different perspective. I’ve been reading through Psalms before bed and I kept coming across this phrase “sacrifices of thanksgiving.” […]

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Episode 67: Going Deeper in Friendships

Today, we’re tackling the next episode in our friendship series and discussing both how to prepare your heart for deeper friendships as well as how to keep the bonds of those friendships strong. We women long for friendships but in so many seasons of life they seem beyond our grasp. Preparing your heart You won’t […]

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Being a Safe Place for Other Women

Female friendships can be sticky. When we had our podcast meet-up we had a large conversation about friendship and all the topics that apply to building relationships. We’re in the middle of a series on friendship on the podcast because every woman wants close female friends but they can be hard to find. I have […]

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Q+A Mini Episode 10

This week Phy and I are answering a question from Sarah who wants to know how she can learn to at least tolerate, if not enjoy, cooking. Listen for a few tips from two women who do love cooking (and think you might can to!).

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Grace + Grit in Goal Setting

I spent the last weekend of February looking back and looking forward: looking back at how life is happening and looking forward to where God is leading us. I don’t want goals to only be a New Year’s topic in my life. This is the only life I have and I want to spend my […]

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Why Sex Isn’t Bad (Wait, What?)

So much of our public stance is made up of reactions. Instead of reviewing the facts in light of our worldview, we look at a group we don’t agree with and take the opposite position. We don’t seem to be the slightest bit hindered from doing this even if we take up positions that we […]

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