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9 Project Ideas

Lately I’ve gotten quite a few questions about project ideas and how I fit in time to do projects. This post won’t address both of those topics but I’m going to tackle a list of project ideas if you are looking for some inspiration for March. Or April or May or- you get the idea. […]

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5 Things I’d Tell You: Pregnancy Edition

I love going out for coffee with friends, especially if I can sneak out once the boys are in bed or while they are working on a project with my husband. There’s nothing like sipping a drink or eating a brownie while discussing the best and hardest parts of life. And since I was 20 […]

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Episode 64: How to Enjoy Motherhood

Inspired by this article, Phylicia and I are discussing how to enjoy being a mom. Motherhood is hard and it’s a gift from God and that dichotomy often needs an attack plan in our daily lives. Have the right perspective. Motherhood is work. Sally Clarkson Heidi St. John Have systems. How I teach my babies […]

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What Anxiety Teaches Me about Marriage

I rolled over in bed and saw my husband pulling on his shirt. He leaned over to kiss me goodbye and I wished him luck at his ball tournament. We normally go with him but since he was leaving early, traveling several hours, and coming back after bedtime, I opted to stay home with the […]

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Q+A Mini Episode 8

This week Phylicia and I are talking about dealing with postpartum hormones. We include some ideas for weathering the baby blues and dealing with hormonal changes as well as resources if you struggle with postpartum depression. Don’t walk this part of life alone! Kristen LaValley The Humbled Homemaker

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Episode 63: Breaking Down Goals

Because there’s nothing magical about January 1st, this week Phylicia and I are discussing our goals and words of the year. We also talk about how we arrived at our words and how we break down our goals into practical steps. Words of the year: Phylicia chose Settle and Lisa picked Make. How we arrived […]

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How to Grow into Your Style

Recently I’ve realized that I’m growing into my decorating style. I’m also growing into a clothing style and I’m growing into a lot of things that I’ve been working on: things like what I like to draw and how, handlettering, even crafty things. I’m never going to arrive. The nice (and frustrating) thing about life is […]

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