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An IG question: when people disagree about women

I tried to quit Instagram again. I love seeing people quit Instagram and every single time I think, “Yes, I will quit Instagram! What a lovely idea.” But this time I started praying about it and conversation after conversation after conversation with other wise people in my life said, “Nope. This is not the move […]

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A February Friday: what I’m doing, reading, and watching

The kids are out of school for a teacher workday so it’s been a relaxed day for me as well. Pairing nicely with a day off school, we were graced with 65 degree weather. It’s glorious, though I’ve warned the boys, and myself, that winter is not over yet.  What I’m doing:  I got a […]

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Don’t be leaders; be faithful followers

A few months ago, I saw a pastor’s response to a question on Instagram and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. In summary, a follower asked why there was a shortage of strong male leaders and the pastor responded that it was because women were trying to be men.* Women apparently prevent the men […]

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Chronicling “quiet time”

A few weeks ago, I did a Q+R on Instagram and someone asked me “What does your own time with Jesus look like in the midst of seminary and academic study?” I didn’t answer it then, partially because the question came in toward the end of the day and my reserve for social media was […]

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The changes of creation and myself

This week, I’ve been thinking that I’ll only take two seminary classes next quarter, instead of the three that I’ve done for the past two quarters. I can manage the work but all the separate pieces are like a large bucket of bolts shaking in my mind all the time. As a friend told me, […]

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My Tiny Winter Delights

Last week, I saw Anne Bogel mention* that she was planning a post on things that are saving her life. I veered from that description because I know it raises the hackles of believers who want to insert a theological statement because I have my own term for this. The intent is the same either […]

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Two of my favorite people on the internet

I’ve been blogging since my oldest son was a baby. It’s strange; I never realized how having children marked time in different ways. I started using Instagram a few years later when I was pregnant with my now-seven-year-old. Somewhere, that long ago, I started following two of my favorite people on the internet; over the […]

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