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Books recently added to my wishlist

I have a few stacks of book around the house just waiting to be read. Sometimes I almost hear them calling to me. Despite their beckoning, I’m also continually adding books to my wishlist that already contains multitudes. The wishlist is a much better solution than buying all the books and being crushed under their […]

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Seminary Notes 12

I’m starting the third week of the second quarter of Hebrew. Right now, I’m sick of always having homework and school taking up so much of my life. I had to count what’s left and, if I’m correct, I have ten more classes after this quarter. I keep picturing myself at graduation, which Justin insists […]

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On friendship

There are many things that friendships need to last but here are the three I’ve been considering lately.  1. Assume the good. Chances are, our friends are not scheming up ways to hurt our feelings, though they might still sometimes hurt our feelings.  2. Allow people to make mistakes. We are all, after all, just […]

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Artist Dates

The last week of December, I went to investigate the price of The Artist’s Way. To my surprise, Amazon told me that I had already bought the kindle version of the book so I re-downloaded the Kindle app on my phone and read the book. I probably won’t do morning pages. I have robust morning […]

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Rock, paper, scissors landed on scissors

Lately, I’ve been asking myself, “do I actually have to do this?” over and over. If the answer even gives up a whiff of “no,” I’m investigating all the ways that I can let it go.  (Now we’re both singing the song.)  There are approximately three categories I’m saying “yes” to starting in mid-December. Between […]

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Shoes solve the problem

From noon Friday to noon Saturday I take a sabbath. I don’t work on Hebrew. I don’t write for the newsletter. I don’t do homework, answer anything but the most urgent of emails, or deep clean the house. I do frequently watch something with Justin once the boys are in bed.  A couple weeks ago, […]

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The Rings of Power: 7 & 8

As the season wrapped up, I took notes on my phone during episode 7 as I’ve done the whole season, but, for the finale, I put my phone away and just watched. The season ended on a high note for me, and I’m very much looking forward to the release of season 2 sometime next […]

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